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Filter TypeDescription and Examples

Any text entered in the filter will match text found within the column.

attack (finds "Base Attack Bonus", "Ranged Attack Bonus", "Bleeding Attack", etc);


Add any regex to the query to use in the query ("mig" flags can be included /\w/mig)

/b[aeiou]s/i (finds "Base Attack Bonus", "Bestow Curse", etc);

< <= >= >

Find alphabetical or numerical values less than or greater than or equal to the filtered query.

>= 10 (find values greater than or equal to 10)

! or !=

Not operator, or not exactly match. Filters the column with content that does not match the query. Include an equal (=), single (') or double quote (") to exactly not match a filter.

!ge (hide rows with "General" in that column, but shows "Fighter", "Cleric", "Rogue"); !"Abjurer" (find content that does not exactly match "Abjurer")

" or =

To exactly match the search query, add a quote, apostrophe or equal sign to the beginning and/or end of the query

Aid" or Aid= (exactly match "Aid")

 &&  or  AND 

Logical "and". Filter the column for content that matches text from either side of the operator.

channel && harm (matches a cell that contains both "channel" and "harm");

 -  or  to 

Find a range of values. Make sure there is a space before and after the dash (or the word "to").

10 - 30 or 10 to 30 (match values between 10 and 30)


Wildcard for a single, non-space character.

a?i (finds "Acid Arrow" and "Agile Feet", but not "Alchemist")


Wildcard for zero or more non-space characters.

a*i (matches "Acid Arrow", "Agile Feet", and "Alchemist")

| or  OR 

Logical "or" (Vertical bar). Filter the column for content that matches text from either side of the bar.

rogue|fighter (matches either "Rogue Maneuver" or "Fighter Maneuver")


Perform a fuzzy search (matches sequential characters) by adding a tilde to the beginning of the query.

~baa (matches "Balestra and "Bleeding Attack"), or ~paizo (matches "Axe Specialization")

Item NameTierEncumbranceVariety
Adamantine Blanks 3 Metal
Adamantine Ingot 3 Metal
Adamantine Plate 3 Metal
Adamantine Wire 3 Metal
Advanced Hide Sheet 2 Leather
Advanced Leather Sheet 2 Leather
Advanced Strips 2 Leather
Alchemist Codex Collection 1 Wood
Amaranth Crystal 2 Essence
Apothecary Codex Collection 1 Wood
Armorsmith Codex Collection 1 Wood
Aromatic Firewood 2 Wood
Artificer Codex Collection 1 Wood
Ash Shafts 3 Wood
Azure Crystal 1 Essence
Basic Firewood 1 Wood
Basic Hide Sheet 1 Leather
Basic Incense 1 Essence
Basic Leather Sheet 1 Leather
Basic Strips 1 Leather
Blended Iron Blanks 2 Metal
Blended Iron Ingot 2 Metal
Bowyer Codex Collection 1 Wood
Bright Crystal 2 Essence
Builder's Blessing 1 Essence
Cleaning Supplies 1 Essence
Cleric Codex Collection 1 Wood
Clerk's Ink 1 Chemical
Coarse Padding 1 Cloth
Coarse Thread 1 Cloth
Coarse Yarn 1 Cloth
Cold Iron Blanks 1 Metal
Cold Iron Ingot 1 Metal
Composite Ash Stave 3 Wood
Composite Maple Stave 2 Wood
Copper Bar 1 Metal
Cotton Rope 2 Cloth
Cotton Sheet 2 Cloth
Cotton Twine 2 Cloth
Crimson Crystal 1 Essence
Cut Diamond 2 Gem
Cut Superior Diamond 3 Gem
Dark Crystal 3 Essence
Decorative Censer 1 Essence
Decorative Coat of Arms 1 Essence
Decorative Fixtures 1 Essence
Decorative Gem 1 Gem
Decorative Weapon 1 Essence
Dragonskin Sheet 3 Leather
Dusky Crystal 3 Essence
Dwarven Steel Blanks 2 Metal
Dwarven Steel Ingot 2 Metal
Dwarven Steel Plate 2 Metal
Dwarven Steel Wire 2 Metal
Dynamic Crystal 3 Essence
Engineer Codex Collection 1 Wood
Expert Codex Collection 1 Wood
Extermination Enchantment 1 Essence
Fancy Gem 3 Gem
Fighter Codex Collection 1 Wood
Fine Padding 2 Cloth
Fine Thread 2 Cloth
Fine Yarn 2 Cloth
Freeholder Codex Collection 1 Wood
Gemcutter Codex Collection 1 Wood
Ghostwood Bar 3 Wood
Ghostwood Baton 3 Wood
Ghostwood Haft 3 Wood
Ghostwood Pole 3 Wood
Ghostwood Post 3 Wood
Gold Amalgam 2 Metal
Gold Bar 2 Metal
Golden Crystal 1 Essence
Gossamer Crystal 3 Essence
Greater Consonant Gem 2 Gem
Greater Divine Charm 2 Essence
Greater Numinous Gem 2 Gem
Greater Vital Gem 2 Gem
Hemp Rope 1 Cloth
Hemp Twine 1 Cloth
Holder's Patent 1 Cloth
Iconographer Codex Collection 1 Wood
Infused Firewood 3 Wood
Intense Crystal 2 Essence
Jewel 3 Gem
Jeweler Codex Collection 1 Wood
Laborer's Protective Gear 1 Essence
Large Dragon Scale 3 Leather
Leatherworker Codex Collection 1 Wood
Lesser Consonant Gem 1 Gem
Lesser Divine Charm 1 Essence
Lesser Numinous Gem 1 Gem
Lesser Vital Gem 1 Gem
Magister's Ink 3 Chemical
Maple Shafts 2 Wood
Moderate Acidic Extract 2 Chemical
Moderate Adhesive Extract 2 Chemical
Moderate Antiseptic Extract 2 Chemical
Moderate Aromatic Extract 2 Chemical
Moderate Cathartic Extract 2 Chemical
Moderate Deadly Extract 2 Chemical
Moderate Flammable Extract 2 Chemical
Moderate Hallucinogenic Extract 2 Chemical
Moderate Irritant Extract 2 Chemical
Moderate Luminous Extract 2 Chemical
Moderate Sanguine Extract 2 Chemical
Moderate Sedative Extract 2 Chemical
Moderate Soothing Extract 2 Chemical
Moderate Stimulant Extract 2 Chemical
Moderate Tonic Extract 2 Chemical
Moderate Varnish 2 Chemical
Muted Crystal 3 Essence
Oak Bar 2 Wood
Oak Baton 2 Wood
Oak Haft 2 Wood
Oak Pole 2 Wood
Oak Post 2 Wood
Ochre Crystal 2 Essence
Ornamental Gem 2 Gem
Pale Crystal 2 Essence
Paper Sheets 2 Wood
Paramount Strips 3 Leather
Parchment Sheets 1 Leather
Pine Bar 1 Wood
Pine Baton 1 Wood
Pine Haft 1 Wood
Pine Pole 1 Wood
Pine Post 1 Wood
Platinum Bar 3 Metal
Precious Gem 2 Gem
Pure Crystal 3 Essence
Reference Collection 1 Wood
Rogue Codex Collection 1 Wood
Sage Codex Collection 1 Wood
Sawyer Codex Collection 1 Wood
Scholar's Ink 2 Chemical
Semi-Precious Gem 1 Gem
Sepia Crystal 1 Essence
Shadowskin Sheet 3 Leather
Silk Rope 3 Cloth
Silk Sheet 3 Cloth
Silk Thread 3 Cloth
Silk Twine 3 Cloth
Silver Amalgam 1 Metal
Silver Bar 1 Metal
Silvered Iron Blanks 1 Metal
Silvered Iron Ingot 1 Metal
Silvered Steel Blanks 2 Metal
Silvered Steel Ingot 2 Metal
Sky Iron Blanks 3 Metal
Sky Iron Ingot 3 Metal
Smelter Codex Collection 1 Wood
Staff Uniforms 1 Essence
Steel Blanks 1 Metal
Steel Ingot 1 Metal
Steel Plate 1 Metal
Steel Wire 1 Metal
Strong Acidic Extract 3 Chemical
Strong Adhesive Extract 3 Chemical
Strong Antiseptic Extract 3 Chemical
Strong Aromatic Extract 3 Chemical
Strong Cathartic Extract 3 Chemical
Strong Deadly Extract 3 Chemical
Strong Flammable Extract 3 Chemical
Strong Hallucinogenic Extract 3 Chemical
Strong Irritant Extract 3 Chemical
Strong Luminous Extract 3 Chemical
Strong Sanguine Extract 3 Chemical
Strong Sedative Extract 3 Chemical
Strong Soothing Extract 3 Chemical
Strong Stimulant Extract 3 Chemical
Strong Tonic Extract 3 Chemical
Strong Varnish 3 Chemical
Superior Consonant Gem 3 Gem
Superior Divine Charm 3 Essence
Superior Numinous Gem 3 Gem
Superior Padding 3 Cloth
Superior Vital Gem 3 Gem
Tailor Codex Collection 1 Wood
Tanner Codex Collection 1 Wood
Targeting Dummy 1 Essence
Truesilver Bar 3 Metal
Truesilver Blanks 3 Metal
Truesilver Ingot 3 Metal
Truesilver Plate 3 Metal
Truesilver Wire 3 Metal
Vellum Sheets 3 Leather
Viridian Crystal 2 Essence
Vivid Crystal 3 Essence
Warding Stones 1 Essence
Waterproof Tarps 1 Essence
Weak Acidic Extract 1 Chemical
Weak Adhesive Extract 1 Chemical
Weak Antiseptic Extract 1 Chemical
Weak Aromatic Extract 1 Chemical
Weak Cathartic Extract 1 Chemical
Weak Deadly Extract 1 Chemical
Weak Flammable Extract 1 Chemical
Weak Hallucinogenic Extract 1 Chemical
Weak Irritant Extract 1 Chemical
Weak Luminous Extract 1 Chemical
Weak Sanguine Extract 1 Chemical
Weak Sedative Extract 1 Chemical
Weak Soothing Extract 1 Chemical
Weak Stimulant Extract 1 Chemical
Weak Tonic Extract 1 Chemical
Weak Varnish 1 Chemical
Weaponsmith Codex Collection 1 Wood
Weaver Codex Collection 1 Wood
Weighted Dropcloths 1 Essence
Wizard Codex Collection 1 Wood
Wool Sheet 1 Cloth
Worker's Tools 1 Essence
Worker's Torches 1 Essence
Yew Shafts 1 Wood
Yew Stave 1 Wood