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Filter TypeDescription and Examples

Any text entered in the filter will match text found within the column.

attack (finds "Base Attack Bonus", "Ranged Attack Bonus", "Bleeding Attack", etc);


Add any regex to the query to use in the query ("mig" flags can be included /\w/mig)

/b[aeiou]s/i (finds "Base Attack Bonus", "Bestow Curse", etc);

< <= >= >

Find alphabetical or numerical values less than or greater than or equal to the filtered query.

>= 10 (find values greater than or equal to 10)

! or !=

Not operator, or not exactly match. Filters the column with content that does not match the query. Include an equal (=), single (') or double quote (") to exactly not match a filter.

!ge (hide rows with "General" in that column, but shows "Fighter", "Cleric", "Rogue"); !"Abjurer" (find content that does not exactly match "Abjurer")

" or =

To exactly match the search query, add a quote, apostrophe or equal sign to the beginning and/or end of the query

Aid" or Aid= (exactly match "Aid")

 &&  or  AND 

Logical "and". Filter the column for content that matches text from either side of the operator.

channel && harm (matches a cell that contains both "channel" and "harm");

 -  or  to 

Find a range of values. Make sure there is a space before and after the dash (or the word "to").

10 - 30 or 10 to 30 (match values between 10 and 30)


Wildcard for a single, non-space character.

a?i (finds "Acid Arrow" and "Agile Feet", but not "Alchemist")


Wildcard for zero or more non-space characters.

a*i (matches "Acid Arrow", "Agile Feet", and "Alchemist")

| or  OR 

Logical "or" (Vertical bar). Filter the column for content that matches text from either side of the bar.

rogue|fighter (matches either "Rogue Maneuver" or "Fighter Maneuver")


Perform a fuzzy search (matches sequential characters) by adding a tilde to the beginning of the query.

~baa (matches "Balestra and "Bleeding Attack"), or ~paizo (matches "Axe Specialization")

Item NameItem TypeTierEncumbrance
Acolyte's Battle Focus Weapon 11.000
Acolyte's Elemental Focus Weapon 11.000
Acolyte's Holy Symbol Implement 10.500
Acolyte's Occult Focus Weapon 11.000
Adamantine Battleaxe Weapon 31.000
Adamantine Blanks Component 3 
Adamantine Bodkin Arrow Ammo 3 
Adamantine Broadhead Arrow Ammo 3 
Adamantine Chainmail Armor 37.000
Adamantine Dagger Weapon 31.000
Adamantine Greatsword Weapon 32.000
Adamantine Ingot Component 3 
Adamantine Light Hammer Weapon 31.000
Adamantine Light Mace Weapon 31.000
Adamantine Longsword Weapon 31.000
Adamantine Plate Component 3 
Adamantine Rapier Weapon 31.000
Adamantine Scale Armor 37.000
Adamantine Shirt Armor 34.000
Adamantine Short Sword Weapon 31.000
Adamantine Spear Weapon 32.000
Adamantine Wire Component 3 
Adept's Anarchic Charge Ammo 2 
Adept's Axiomatic Charge Ammo 2 
Adept's Charge Gem Ammo Container 20.500
Adept's Charged Staff Weapon 22.000
Adept's Charged Wand Weapon 21.000
Adept's Diminishing Staff Weapon 22.000
Adept's Diminishing Wand Weapon 21.000
Adept's Enchanted Charge Ammo 2 
Adept's Holy Charge Ammo 2 
Adept's Psychic Staff Weapon 22.000
Adept's Psychic Wand Weapon 21.000
Adept's Quickening Staff Weapon 22.000
Adept's Quickening Wand Weapon 21.000
Adept's Somatic Staff Weapon 22.000
Adept's Somatic Wand Weapon 21.000
Adept's Spellbook Implement 20.500
Adept's Unholy Charge Ammo 2 
Adulterated Lodestone Resource 22.000
Advanced Armor Scraps (Humanoid) Salvage 21.330
Advanced Hide Sheet Component 2 
Advanced Leather Sheet Component 2 
Advanced Strips Component 2 
Adventurer's Hood Gear 30.200
Alchemist Codex Collection Component 1 
Alchemist's Lab Structure Kit Settlement Structure Kit 2 
Amaranth Crystal Component 2 
Apothecary Codex Collection Component 1 
Apothecary Structure Kit Settlement Structure Kit 2 
Apprentice's Acid Consumable Item 1 
Apprentice's Ambrosia Consumable Item 1 
Apprentice's Antiplague Consumable Item 1 
Apprentice's Antitoxin Consumable Item 1 
Apprentice's Bloodblock Consumable Item 1 
Apprentice's Bodybalm Consumable Item 1 
Apprentice's Charge Gem Ammo Container 10.500
Apprentice's Charged Staff Weapon 12.000
Apprentice's Charged Wand Weapon 11.000
Apprentice's Choking Bomb Consumable Item 1 
Apprentice's Cinder Bomb Consumable Item 1 
Apprentice's Cure Potion Consumable Item 1 
Apprentice's Diminishing Staff Weapon 12.000
Apprentice's Diminishing Wand Weapon 11.000
Apprentice's Fire Consumable Item 1 
Apprentice's Fortifying Powder Consumable Item 1 
Apprentice's Ice Consumable Item 1 
Apprentice's Pox Burster Consumable Item 1 
Apprentice's Psychic Staff Weapon 12.000
Apprentice's Psychic Wand Weapon 11.000
Apprentice's Quickening Staff Weapon 12.000
Apprentice's Quickening Wand Weapon 11.000
Apprentice's Resistance Consumable Item 1 
Apprentice's Smokestick Consumable Item 1 
Apprentice's Somatic Staff Weapon 12.000
Apprentice's Somatic Wand Weapon 11.000
Apprentice's Soothe Syrup Consumable Item 1 
Apprentice's Speed Potion Consumable Item 1 
Apprentice's Spellbook Implement 10.500
Apprentice's Styptic Consumable Item 1 
Apprentice's Sunrod Consumable Item 1 
Apprentice's Tangle Bomb Consumable Item 1 
Apprentice's Thunder Consumable Item 1 
Apprentice's Ward Gel Consumable Item 1 
Arcanist's Workshop Structure Kit Settlement Structure Kit 2 
Archdruid's Buckler Weapon 30.400
Archdruid's Club Weapon 31.000
Archdruid's Greatclub Weapon 32.000
Archdruid's Heavy Shield Weapon 33.000
Archdruid's Light Shield Weapon 31.000
Archdruid's Longbow Weapon 31.000
Archmage's Charge Gem Ammo Container 30.500
Archmage's Spellbook Implement 30.500
Armorer Structure Kit Settlement Structure Kit 2 
Armorsmith Codex Collection Component 1 
Aromatic Firewood Component 2 
Artificer Codex Collection Component 1 
Artificer's Workshop Structure Kit Settlement Structure Kit 2 
Ash Shafts Component 3 
Auction House Structure Kit Settlement Structure Kit 2 
Austere Camp Camp 1 
Avenger's Battleaxe Weapon 31.000
Avenger's Dagger Weapon 31.000
Avenger's Greatsword Weapon 32.000
Avenger's Longbow Weapon 31.000
Avenger's Longsword Weapon 31.000
Avenger's Rapier Weapon 31.000
Avenger's Short Sword Weapon 31.000
Avenger's Spear Weapon 32.000
Azure Crystal Component 1 
Bag of Bitter Stuff (Goblinoid) Salvage 10.100
Bag of Dangerous Stuff (Goblinoid) Salvage 10.100
Bag of Dreamy Stuff (Goblinoid) Salvage 10.100
Bag of Fiery Stuff (Goblinoid) Salvage 10.100
Bag of Healthy Stuff (Goblinoid) Salvage 10.100
Bag of Itchy Stuff (Goblinoid) Salvage 10.100
Bag of Smelly Stuff (Goblinoid) Salvage 10.100
Bag of Sticky Stuff (Goblinoid) Salvage 10.100
Barracks Holding Kit Holding Kit 2 
Basic Armor Scraps (Humanoid) Salvage 11.330
Basic Camp Camp 1 
Basic Firewood Component 1 
Basic Hide Sheet Component 1 
Basic Incense Component 1 
Basic Leather Sheet Component 1 
Basic Slippers Gear 10.200
Basic Strips Component 1 
Blended Copper Ore Resource 12.000
Blended Gold Ore Resource 22.000
Blended Iron Battleaxe Weapon 21.000
Blended Iron Blanks Component 2 
Blended Iron Dagger Weapon 21.000
Blended Iron Greatsword Weapon 22.000
Blended Iron Ingot Component 2 
Blended Iron Light Hammer Weapon 21.000
Blended Iron Light Mace Weapon 21.000
Blended Iron Longsword Weapon 21.000
Blended Iron Rapier Weapon 21.000
Blended Iron Short Sword Weapon 21.000
Blended Iron Spear Weapon 22.000
Blended Platinum Ore Resource 32.000
Blended Silver Ore Resource 12.000
Blended Truesilver Ore Resource 32.000
Blood Crystals (Animal) Salvage 10.100
Boiled Leather Armor 24.000
Boutique Structure Kit Settlement Structure Kit 2 
Bowyer Codex Collection Component 1 
Braided Leather Belt Gear 10.200
Bridge Burning Kit (Goblinoid) Salvage 20.100
Bright Crystal Component 2 
Broken Advanced Weapons (Humanoid) Salvage 21.330
Broken Basic Weapons (Humanoid) Salvage 11.330
Broken Goblin Weapons (Goblinoid) Salvage 11.330
Broken Hobgoblin Weapons (Humanoid) Salvage 21.330
Broken Master Weapon (Humanoid) Salvage 31.330
Builder's Blessing Component 1 
Captain's Chainmail Armor 27.000
Captain's Helm Gear 20.200
Captain's Scale Armor 27.000
Cathedral (Chaos) Structure Kit Settlement Structure Kit 2 
Cathedral (Depravity) Structure Kit Settlement Structure Kit 2 
Cathedral (Efficiency) Structure Kit Settlement Structure Kit 2 
Cathedral (Freedom) Structure Kit Settlement Structure Kit 2 
Cathedral (Good) Structure Kit Settlement Structure Kit 2 
Cathedral (Justice) Structure Kit Settlement Structure Kit 2 
Cathedral (Law) Structure Kit Settlement Structure Kit 2 
Cathedral (Nature) Structure Kit Settlement Structure Kit 2 
Champion's Quiver Ammo Container 30.500
Cleaning Supplies Component 1 
Cleric Codex Collection Component 1 
Clerk's Ink Component 1 
Coarse Cotton Resource 21.000
Coarse Hemp Resource 11.000
Coarse Padding Component 1 
Coarse Silk Resource 31.000
Coarse Thread Component 1 
Coarse Wool Resource 11.000
Coarse Yarn Component 1 
Coin Copper Ore Resource 11.500
Coin Gold Ore Resource 21.500
Coin Platinum Ore Resource 31.500
Coin Silver Ore Resource 11.500
Coin Truesilver Ore Resource 31.500
Cold Iron Battleaxe Weapon 11.000
Cold Iron Blanks Component 1 
Cold Iron Bodkin Arrow Ammo 1 
Cold Iron Broadhead Arrow Ammo 1 
Cold Iron Dagger Weapon 11.000
Cold Iron Greatsword Weapon 12.000
Cold Iron Ingot Component 1 
Cold Iron Light Hammer Weapon 11.000
Cold Iron Light Mace Weapon 11.000
Cold Iron Longsword Weapon 11.000
Cold Iron Rapier Weapon 11.000
Cold Iron Short Sword Weapon 11.000
Cold Iron Spear Weapon 12.000
Comfortable Gloves Gear 10.200
Comfortable Shoes Gear 20.200
Composite Ash Stave Component 3 
Composite Maple Stave Component 2 
Conqueror's Hide Armor 37.000
Conqueror's Plate Armor 310.000
Conqueror's Scale Armor 37.000
Cooperative Structure Kit Settlement Structure Kit 2 
Copper Bar Component 1 
Costume Bracelet Gear 10.200
Costume Chain Belt Gear 10.200
Costume Circlet Gear 10.200
Costume Necklace Gear 10.200
Costume Ring Gear 10.200
Cotton Cloak Gear 20.200
Cotton Nesting (Animal) Salvage 21.000
Cotton Rope Component 2 
Cotton Sheet Component 2 
Cotton Twine Component 2 
Courtier's Braid Gear 30.200
Cracked Black Opal Resource 30.160
Cracked Black Pearl Resource 30.160
Cracked Bloodstone Resource 10.160
Cracked Blue Sapphire Resource 30.160
Cracked Chrysoprase Resource 10.160
Cracked Deep Blue Spinel Resource 20.160
Cracked Emerald Resource 30.160
Cracked Fire Opal Resource 30.160
Cracked Freshwater Pearl Resource 10.160
Cracked Golden Yellow Topaz Resource 20.160
Cracked Jade Resource 20.160
Cracked Jet Resource 20.160
Cracked Large Diamond Resource 30.160
Cracked Moonstone Resource 10.160
Cracked Noble Furniture (Humanoid) Salvage 31.330
Cracked Onyx Resource 10.160
Cracked Red Garnet Resource 20.160
Cracked Ruby Resource 30.160
Cracked Silver Pearl Resource 20.160
Cracked Small Diamond Resource 20.160
Cracked Tigereye Resource 10.160
Crawling Crystals (Animal) Salvage 20.100
Crimson Crystal Component 1 
Crude Knockout Gas (Bandit) Salvage 10.100
Crude Longsleep (Bandit) Salvage 20.100
Crusader's Chainmail Armor 37.000
Crusader's Plate Armor 310.000
Crusader's Scale Armor 37.000
Crystal Scale Armor 37.000
Curio of Defiance (Humanoid) Salvage 20.100
Curio of Peace (Humanoid) Salvage 20.100
Curio of Vengeance (Humanoid) Salvage 20.100
Cut Diamond Component 2 
Cut Superior Diamond Component 3 
Damaged Animal Pelt Resource 11.000
Damaged Beast Pelt Resource 11.000
Damaged Creature Pelt Resource 21.000
Damaged Dragon Skin Resource 31.000
Damaged Monster Pelt Resource 21.000
Damaged Shadow Skin Resource 31.000
Dark Crystal Component 3 
Dead Predator (Animal) Salvage 21.000
Dead Prey (Animal) Salvage 11.000
Decorative Censer Component 1 
Decorative Coat of Arms Component 1 
Decorative Fixtures Component 1 
Decorative Gem Component 1 
Decorative Weapon Component 1 
Degraded Adamantine Ore Resource 32.000
Degraded Coal Resource 12.000
Degraded Iron Ore Resource 12.000
Degraded Meteoric Iron Ore Resource 22.000
Destroyed Peasant Furniture (Humanoid) Salvage 11.330
Dilute Alder Bark Resource 30.160
Dilute Alkanet Root Resource 30.160
Dilute Anise Seeds Resource 30.160
Dilute Antimony Resource 20.160
Dilute Aqua Fortis Resource 30.160
Dilute Aqua Mortis Resource 30.160
Dilute Arnica Root Resource 20.160
Dilute Belladonna Berries Resource 10.160
Dilute Black Lotus Petals Resource 30.160
Dilute Blood Nettle Resource 10.160
Dilute Bloodflower Gum Resource 10.160
Dilute Brimstone Resource 10.160
Dilute Buckthorn Berries Resource 10.160
Dilute Cabble-Weed Resource 10.160
Dilute Centaury Leaves Resource 20.160
Dilute Chervil Flowers Resource 20.160
Dilute Chickweed Resource 10.160
Dilute Childstealer Ivy Resource 30.160
Dilute Cinnabar Resource 10.160
Dilute Coltsfoot Leaves Resource 10.160
Dilute Comfrey Leaves Resource 10.160
Dilute Coriander Fruit Resource 20.160
Dilute Cowbane Resource 20.160
Dilute Cypress Oil Resource 20.160
Dilute Dawnflower Oil Resource 20.160
Dilute Dragoon Leaves Resource 10.160
Dilute Dreamglow Mushrooms Resource 10.160
Dilute Ebonroot Resource 30.160
Dilute Eraser Poppy Seeds Resource 30.160
Dilute Fennel Seeds Resource 10.160
Dilute Flayleaf Resource 30.160
Dilute Foxfire Resource 10.160
Dilute Foxglove Resource 20.160
Dilute Fumbleroot Resource 20.160
Dilute Galtroot Resource 30.160
Dilute Gentian Resource 10.160
Dilute Greenweed Resource 10.160
Dilute Ground Ivy Resource 20.160
Dilute Hemlock Resource 20.160
Dilute Henbane Resource 10.160
Dilute Horehound Resource 20.160
Dilute Hyssop Oil Resource 10.160
Dilute Indigo Leaves Resource 20.160
Dilute Juniper Berries Resource 10.160
Dilute Kermes Beetles Resource 30.160
Dilute Lamp Oil Resource 10.160
Dilute Laurel Leaves Resource 10.160
Dilute Madder Root Resource 30.160
Dilute Mandrake Resource 30.160
Dilute Mugwort Root Resource 30.160
Dilute Murder Moss Resource 30.160
Dilute Nettle Resource 20.160
Dilute Neversleep Sap Resource 10.160
Dilute Oil of Vitriol Resource 30.160
Dilute Orchil Lichen Resource 30.160
Dilute Paraffin Wax Resource 20.160
Dilute Pitcher Plant Sap Resource 20.160
Dilute Quicklime Resource 30.160
Dilute Quicksilver Resource 20.160
Dilute Red Heartwood Resource 30.160
Dilute Sablecap Mushroom Resource 30.160
Dilute Sal Ammoniac Resource 10.160
Dilute Saltpeter Resource 20.160
Dilute Sleepmelt Leaves Resource 20.160
Dilute Smoke Peppers Resource 10.160
Dilute Tansy Leaves Resource 10.160
Dilute Tormentil Resource 20.160
Dilute Valerian Root Resource 10.160
Dilute Vervain Leaves Resource 20.160
Dilute Weld Leaves Resource 10.160
Dilute Weltwood Bark Resource 30.160
Dilute Willow Bark Resource 30.160
Dilute Woad Leaves Resource 20.160
Dilute Wolfsbane Resource 30.160
Dilute Wormwood Resource 30.160
Dilute Yarrow Flowers Resource 20.160
Dilute Yellowcap Mushrooms Resource 20.160
Disciple's Anarchic Charge Ammo 1 
Disciple's Axiomatic Charge Ammo 1 
Disciple's Battle Focus Weapon 21.000
Disciple's Charge Gem Ammo Container 10.500
Disciple's Elemental Focus Weapon 21.000
Disciple's Holy Charge Ammo 1 
Disciple's Holy Symbol Implement 20.500
Disciple's Occult Focus Weapon 21.000
Disciple's Simple Charge Ammo 1 
Disciple's Unholy Charge Ammo 1 
Disruptor's Buckler Weapon 30.400
Disruptor's Heavy Shield Weapon 33.000
Disruptor's Light Hammer Weapon 31.000
Disruptor's Light Mace Weapon 31.000
Disruptor's Light Shield Weapon 31.000
Diversion Kit (Goblinoid) Salvage 20.100
Dragonskin Armor 34.000
Dragonskin Belt Gear 30.200
Dragonskin Boots Gear 30.200
Dragonskin Gauntlets Gear 30.200
Dragonskin Sheet Component 3 
Dreadnaught School Structure Kit Settlement Structure Kit 2 
Druid's Club Weapon 21.000
Druid's Greatclub Weapon 22.000
Druid's Longbow Weapon 21.000
Dusky Crystal Component 3 
Dwarven Steel Banded Armor 210.000
Dwarven Steel Battleaxe Weapon 21.000
Dwarven Steel Blanks Component 2 
Dwarven Steel Bodkin Arrow Ammo 2 
Dwarven Steel Broadhead Arrow Ammo 2 
Dwarven Steel Dagger Weapon 21.000
Dwarven Steel Greatsword Weapon 22.000
Dwarven Steel Helm Gear 20.200
Dwarven Steel Ingot Component 2 
Dwarven Steel Light Hammer Weapon 21.000
Dwarven Steel Light Mace Weapon 21.000
Dwarven Steel Longsword Weapon 21.000
Dwarven Steel Plate Component 2 
Dwarven Steel Rapier Weapon 21.000
Dwarven Steel Short Sword Weapon 21.000
Dwarven Steel Spear Weapon 22.000
Dwarven Steel Wire Component 2 
Dynamic Crystal Component 3 
Eerie Anagogic Essence Resource 20.160
Eerie Antithesis Essence Resource 10.160
Eerie Cryptic Essence Resource 30.160
Eerie Dweomer Essence Resource 30.160
Eerie Esoteric Essence Resource 10.160
Eerie Ordered Essence Resource 10.160
Eerie Resonant Essence Resource 20.160
Eerie Seething Essence Resource 20.160
Eerie Synthesis Essence Resource 30.160
Embroidered Silk Robes Armor 21.000
Energized Flora (Animal) Salvage 10.100
Engineer Codex Collection Component 1 
Expert Codex Collection Component 1 
Expert's Holdout Weapon Implement 10.500
Expert's Rogue Kit Implement 10.500
Expert's Toolkit Implement 10.500
Expert's Trophy Charm Implement 10.500
Explorer's Hat Gear 20.200
Exquisite Bracelet Gear 30.200
Exquisite Chain Belt Gear 30.200
Exquisite Circlet Gear 30.200
Exquisite Necklace Gear 30.200
Exquisite Ring Gear 30.200
Extermination Enchantment Component 1 
Extravagant Padded Armor Armor 34.000
Fair Alder Bark Resource 30.120
Fair Alkanet Root Resource 30.120
Fair Anise Seeds Resource 30.120
Fair Antimony Resource 20.120
Fair Aqua Fortis Resource 30.120
Fair Aqua Mortis Resource 30.120
Fair Arnica Root Resource 20.120
Fair Belladonna Berries Resource 10.120
Fair Black Lotus Petals Resource 30.120
Fair Blood Nettle Resource 10.120
Fair Bloodflower Gum Resource 10.120
Fair Brimstone Resource 10.120
Fair Buckthorn Berries Resource 10.120
Fair Cabble-Weed Resource 10.120
Fair Centaury Leaves Resource 20.120
Fair Chervil Flowers Resource 20.120
Fair Chickweed Resource 10.120
Fair Childstealer Ivy Resource 30.120
Fair Cinnabar Resource 10.120
Fair Coltsfoot Leaves Resource 10.120
Fair Comfrey Leaves Resource 10.120
Fair Coriander Fruit Resource 20.120
Fair Cowbane Resource 20.120
Fair Cypress Oil Resource 20.120
Fair Dawnflower Oil Resource 20.120
Fair Dragoon Leaves Resource 10.120
Fair Dreamglow Mushrooms Resource 10.120
Fair Ebonroot Resource 30.120
Fair Eraser Poppy Seeds Resource 30.120
Fair Fennel Seeds Resource 10.120
Fair Flayleaf Resource 30.120
Fair Foxfire Resource 10.120
Fair Foxglove Resource 20.120
Fair Fumbleroot Resource 20.120
Fair Galtroot Resource 30.120
Fair Gentian Resource 10.120
Fair Greenweed Resource 10.120
Fair Ground Ivy Resource 20.120
Fair Hemlock Resource 20.120
Fair Henbane Resource 10.120
Fair Horehound Resource 20.120
Fair Hyssop Oil Resource 10.120
Fair Indigo Leaves Resource 20.120
Fair Juniper Berries Resource 10.120
Fair Kermes Beetles Resource 30.120
Fair Lamp Oil Resource 10.120
Fair Laurel Leaves Resource 10.120
Fair Madder Root Resource 30.120
Fair Mandrake Resource 30.120
Fair Mugwort Root Resource 30.120
Fair Murder Moss Resource 30.120
Fair Nettle Resource 20.120
Fair Neversleep Sap Resource 10.120
Fair Oil of Vitriol Resource 30.120
Fair Orchil Lichen Resource 30.120
Fair Paraffin Wax Resource 20.120
Fair Pitcher Plant Sap Resource 20.120
Fair Quicklime Resource 30.120
Fair Quicksilver Resource 20.120
Fair Red Heartwood Resource 30.120
Fair Sablecap Mushroom Resource 30.120
Fair Sal Ammoniac Resource 10.120
Fair Saltpeter Resource 20.120
Fair Sleepmelt Leaves Resource 20.120
Fair Smoke Peppers Resource 10.120
Fair Tansy Leaves Resource 10.120
Fair Tormentil Resource 20.120
Fair Valerian Root Resource 10.120
Fair Vervain Leaves Resource 20.120
Fair Weld Leaves Resource 10.120
Fair Weltwood Bark Resource 30.120
Fair Willow Bark Resource 30.120
Fair Woad Leaves Resource 20.120
Fair Wolfsbane Resource 30.120
Fair Wormwood Resource 30.120
Fair Yarrow Flowers Resource 20.120
Fair Yellowcap Mushrooms Resource 20.120
Fancy Gem Component 3 
Fancy Padded Armor Armor 24.000
Farm Holding Kit Holding Kit 2 
Field Medical Kit (Goblinoid) Salvage 20.100
Fighter Codex Collection Component 1 
Fighter College Structure Kit Settlement Structure Kit 2 
Fine Bracelet Gear 10.200
Fine Chain Belt Gear 10.200
Fine Circlet Gear 10.200
Fine Copper Ore Resource 11.000
Fine Dragonscale Armor 37.000
Fine Gold Ore Resource 21.000
Fine Necklace Gear 10.200
Fine Padding Component 2 
Fine Platinum Ore Resource 31.000
Fine Ring Gear 10.200
Fine Silver Ore Resource 11.000
Fine Thread Component 2 
Fine Truesilver Chain Armor 32.000
Fine Truesilver Ore Resource 31.000
Fine Yarn Component 2 
Fishery Holding Kit Holding Kit 2 
Fishing Outpost Kit Outpost Kit 2 
Flawed Black Opal Resource 30.120
Flawed Black Pearl Resource 30.120
Flawed Bloodstone Resource 10.120
Flawed Blue Sapphire Resource 30.120
Flawed Chrysoprase Resource 10.120
Flawed Deep Blue Spinel Resource 20.120
Flawed Emerald Resource 30.120
Flawed Fire Opal Resource 30.120
Flawed Freshwater Pearl Resource 10.120
Flawed Golden Yellow Topaz Resource 20.120
Flawed Jade Resource 20.120
Flawed Jet Resource 20.120
Flawed Large Diamond Resource 30.120
Flawed Moonstone Resource 10.120
Flawed Onyx Resource 10.120
Flawed Red Garnet Resource 20.120
Flawed Ruby Resource 30.120
Flawed Silver Pearl Resource 20.120
Flawed Small Diamond Resource 20.120
Flawed Tigereye Resource 10.120
Footpad's Leathers Armor 14.000
Fragment of Battle (Humanoid) Salvage 10.100
Fragment of Learning (Humanoid) Salvage 10.100
Fragment of Secrets (Humanoid) Salvage 10.100
Freeholder Codex Collection Component 1 
Galtroot Liquor (Raider) Salvage 20.100
Garrison Structure Kit Settlement Structure Kit 2 
Gemcutter Codex Collection Component 1 
General's Banded Armor 310.000
Geologist Structure Kit Settlement Structure Kit 2 
Ghostwood Bar Component 3 
Ghostwood Baton Component 3 
Ghostwood Buckler Weapon 30.400
Ghostwood Club Weapon 31.000
Ghostwood Greatclub Weapon 32.000
Ghostwood Haft Component 3 
Ghostwood Heavy Shield Weapon 33.000
Ghostwood Light Shield Weapon 31.000
Ghostwood Pole Component 3 
Ghostwood Post Component 3 
Ghostwood Splint Armor 37.000
Gnarled Ash Sapling Resource 32.000
Gnarled Ghostwood Log Resource 32.000
Gnarled Maple Sapling Resource 22.000
Gnarled Oak Log Resource 22.000
Gnarled Pine Log Resource 12.000
Gnarled Yew Sapling Resource 12.000
Goblin Armor Scraps (Goblinoid) Salvage 11.330
Gold Amalgam Component 2 
Gold Bar Component 2 
Golden Crystal Component 1 
Gossamer Crystal Component 3 
Grandmaster's Charge Gem Ammo Container 30.500
Grandmaster's Holdout Weapon Implement 30.500
Grandmaster's Rogue Kit Implement 30.500
Grandmaster's Toolkit Implement 30.500
Grandmaster's Trophy Charm Implement 30.500
Greater Consonant Gem Component 2 
Greater Divine Charm Component 2 
Greater Numinous Gem Component 2 
Greater Token of Armor Consumable Item 2 
Greater Token of Fast Healing Consumable Item 2 
Greater Token of Healing Consumable Item 2 
Greater Token of Protection Consumable Item 2 
Greater Token of Resistance Consumable Item 2 
Greater Token of Strength Consumable Item 2 
Greater Vital Gem Component 2 
Guard Post Structure Kit Settlement Structure Kit 2 
Guard's Quiver Ammo Container 10.500
Guild House Structure Kit Settlement Structure Kit 2 
Guillotine Structure Kit Settlement Structure Kit 2 
Hardwood Club Weapon 21.000
Hardwood Greatclub Weapon 22.000
Harvesting Outpost Kit Outpost Kit 2 
Hemp Rope Component 1 
Hemp Twine Component 1 
Heroic Statue Structure Kit Settlement Structure Kit 2 
Hide and Steel Banded Armor 110.000
Hide and Steel Helm Gear 10.200
Hide Boots Gear 10.200
Hide Quiver Ammo Container 10.500
Hide Sandals Gear 10.200
High Priest's Holy Symbol Implement 30.500
Hobgoblin Armor Scraps (Goblinoid) Salvage 21.330
Holder's Patent Component 1 
Hunter's Longbow Weapon 11.000
Hunter's Quiver Ammo Container 20.500
Hunter's Shortbow Weapon 11.000
Hunting Lodge Holding Kit Holding Kit 2 
Hunting Outpost Kit Outpost Kit 2 
Iconographer Codex Collection Component 1 
Iconographer Structure Kit Settlement Structure Kit 2 
Improperly Made Sunrod (Bandit) Salvage 20.100
Impure Adamantine Ore Resource 31.500
Impure Coal Resource 11.500
Impure Iron Ore Resource 11.500
Impure Meteoric Iron Ore Resource 21.500
Infused Alder Bark Resource 30.080
Infused Alkanet Root Resource 30.080
Infused Anise Seeds Resource 30.080
Infused Antimony Resource 20.080
Infused Aqua Fortis Resource 30.080
Infused Aqua Mortis Resource 30.080
Infused Arnica Root Resource 20.080
Infused Belladonna Berries Resource 10.080
Infused Black Lotus Petals Resource 30.080
Infused Blood Nettle Resource 10.080
Infused Bloodflower Gum Resource 10.080
Infused Brimstone Resource 10.080
Infused Buckthorn Berries Resource 10.080
Infused Cabble-Weed Resource 10.080
Infused Centaury Leaves Resource 20.080
Infused Chervil Flowers Resource 20.080
Infused Chickweed Resource 10.080
Infused Childstealer Ivy Resource 30.080
Infused Cinnabar Resource 10.080
Infused Coltsfoot Leaves Resource 10.080
Infused Comfrey Leaves Resource 10.080
Infused Coriander Fruit Resource 20.080
Infused Cowbane Resource 20.080
Infused Cypress Oil Resource 20.080
Infused Dawnflower Oil Resource 20.080
Infused Dragoon Leaves Resource 10.080
Infused Dreamglow Mushrooms Resource 10.080
Infused Ebonroot Resource 30.080
Infused Eraser Poppy Seeds Resource 30.080
Infused Fennel Seeds Resource 10.080
Infused Firewood Component 3 
Infused Flayleaf Resource 30.080
Infused Foxfire Resource 10.080
Infused Foxglove Resource 20.080
Infused Fumbleroot Resource 20.080
Infused Galtroot Resource 30.080
Infused Gentian Resource 10.080
Infused Greenweed Resource 10.080
Infused Ground Ivy Resource 20.080
Infused Hemlock Resource 20.080
Infused Henbane Resource 10.080
Infused Horehound Resource 20.080
Infused Hyssop Oil Resource 10.080
Infused Indigo Leaves Resource 20.080
Infused Juniper Berries Resource 10.080
Infused Kermes Beetles Resource 30.080
Infused Lamp Oil Resource 10.080
Infused Laurel Leaves Resource 10.080
Infused Madder Root Resource 30.080
Infused Mandrake Resource 30.080
Infused Mugwort Root Resource 30.080
Infused Murder Moss Resource 30.080
Infused Nettle Resource 20.080
Infused Neversleep Sap Resource 10.080
Infused Oil of Vitriol Resource 30.080
Infused Orchil Lichen Resource 30.080
Infused Paraffin Wax Resource 20.080
Infused Pitcher Plant Sap Resource 20.080
Infused Quicklime Resource 30.080
Infused Quicksilver Resource 20.080
Infused Red Heartwood Resource 30.080
Infused Sablecap Mushroom Resource 30.080
Infused Sal Ammoniac Resource 10.080
Infused Saltpeter Resource 20.080
Infused Sleepmelt Leaves Resource 20.080
Infused Smoke Peppers Resource 10.080
Infused Tansy Leaves Resource 10.080
Infused Tormentil Resource 20.080
Infused Valerian Root Resource 10.080
Infused Vervain Leaves Resource 20.080
Infused Weld Leaves Resource 10.080
Infused Weltwood Bark Resource 30.080
Infused Willow Bark Resource 30.080
Infused Woad Leaves Resource 20.080
Infused Wolfsbane Resource 30.080
Infused Wormwood Resource 30.080
Infused Yarrow Flowers Resource 20.080
Infused Yellowcap Mushrooms Resource 20.080
Initiate's Charge Gem Ammo Container 10.500
Initiate's Club Weapon 11.000
Initiate's Greatclub Weapon 12.000
Initiate's Holy Symbol Implement 20.500
Initiate's Longbow Weapon 11.000
Inn Holding Kit Holding Kit 2 
Institute Structure Kit Settlement Structure Kit 2 
Intact Black Opal Resource 30.080
Intact Black Pearl Resource 30.080
Intact Bloodstone Resource 10.080
Intact Blue Sapphire Resource 30.080
Intact Chrysoprase Resource 10.080
Intact Deep Blue Spinel Resource 20.080
Intact Emerald Resource 30.080
Intact Fire Opal Resource 30.080
Intact Freshwater Pearl Resource 10.080
Intact Golden Yellow Topaz Resource 20.080
Intact Jade Resource 20.080
Intact Jet Resource 20.080
Intact Large Diamond Resource 30.080
Intact Moonstone Resource 10.080
Intact Onyx Resource 10.080
Intact Red Garnet Resource 20.080
Intact Ruby Resource 30.080
Intact Silver Pearl Resource 20.080
Intact Small Diamond Resource 20.080
Intact Tigereye Resource 10.080
Intense Crystal Component 2 
Introductory Holdout Weapon Implement 10.500
Introductory Holy Symbol Implement 10.500
Introductory Rogue Kit Implement 10.500
Introductory Spellbook Implement 10.500
Introductory Toolkit Implement 10.500
Introductory Trophy Charm Implement 10.500
Invigorating Balm (Animal) Salvage 20.100
Iron-Infused Bodkin Arrow Ammo 2 
Iron-Infused Broadhead Arrow Ammo 2 
Jewel Component 3 
Jeweler Codex Collection Component 1 
Jewelers Structure Kit Settlement Structure Kit 2 
Journeyman's Acid Consumable Item 2 
Journeyman's Ambrosia Consumable Item 2 
Journeyman's Antiplague Consumable Item 2 
Journeyman's Antitoxin Consumable Item 2 
Journeyman's Bloodblock Consumable Item 2 
Journeyman's Bodybalm Consumable Item 2 
Journeyman's Choking Bomb Consumable Item 2 
Journeyman's Cinder Bomb Consumable Item 2 
Journeyman's Cure Potion Consumable Item 2 
Journeyman's Fire Consumable Item 2 
Journeyman's Fortifying Powder Consumable Item 2 
Journeyman's Holdout Weapon Implement 20.500
Journeyman's Ice Consumable Item 2 
Journeyman's Pox Burster Consumable Item 2 
Journeyman's Resistance Consumable Item 2 
Journeyman's Rogue Kit Implement 20.500
Journeyman's Smokestick Consumable Item 2 
Journeyman's Soothe Syrup Consumable Item 2 
Journeyman's Speed Potion Consumable Item 2 
Journeyman's Styptic Consumable Item 2 
Journeyman's Sunrod Consumable Item 2 
Journeyman's Tangle Bomb Consumable Item 2 
Journeyman's Thunder Consumable Item 2 
Journeyman's Toolkit Implement 20.500
Journeyman's Trophy Charm Implement 20.500
Journeyman's Ward Gel Consumable Item 2 
Keep Structure Kit Settlement Structure Kit 2 
Knotted Ash Sapling Resource 31.500
Knotted Ghostwood Log Resource 31.500
Knotted Maple Sapling Resource 21.500
Knotted Oak Log Resource 21.500
Knotted Pine Log Resource 11.500
Knotted Yew Sapling Resource 11.500
Lab Structure Kit Settlement Structure Kit 2 
Laborer's Protective Gear Component 1 
Large Armored Mule Saddlebags Mule 3 
Large Cloth Pack Gear 30.200
Large Cloth Pouches Gear 30.200
Large Dragon Scale Component 3 
Large Leather Pack Gear 30.200
Large Leather Pouches Gear 30.200
Large Mule Saddlebags Mule 3 
Lavish Bracelet Gear 30.200
Lavish Chain Belt Gear 30.200
Lavish Circlet Gear 30.200
Lavish Necklace Gear 30.200
Lavish Ring Gear 30.200
Learner's Spellbook Implement 10.500
Leather Gauntlets Gear 20.200
Leather Helm Gear 20.200
Leather Quiver Ammo Container 10.500
Leather Shoes Gear 20.200
Leatherworker Codex Collection Component 1 
Leatherworkers Structure Kit Settlement Structure Kit 2 
Lesser Consonant Gem Component 1 
Lesser Divine Charm Component 1 
Lesser Numinous Gem Component 1 
Lesser Token of Awareness Consumable Item 1 
Lesser Token of Curing Consumable Item 1 
Lesser Token of Dodging Consumable Item 1 
Lesser Token of Freedom Consumable Item 1 
Lesser Token of Mind Blanking Consumable Item 1 
Lesser Token of Parrying Consumable Item 1 
Lesser Token of Riposting Consumable Item 1 
Lesser Token of Striking Consumable Item 1 
Lesser Vital Gem Component 1 
Library Holding Kit Holding Kit 2 
Library Structure Kit Settlement Structure Kit 2 
Loom Structure Kit Settlement Structure Kit 2 
Loose Warrior's Shirt Armor 14.000
Lumberjack Outpost Kit Outpost Kit 2 
Lumbermill Holding Kit Holding Kit 2 
Mage's Helm Gear 20.200
Magician's Charge Gem Ammo Container 20.500
Magister's Charged Staff Weapon 32.000
Magister's Charged Wand Weapon 31.000
Magister's Diminishing Staff Weapon 32.000
Magister's Diminishing Wand Weapon 31.000
Magister's Ink Component 3 
Magister's Psychic Staff Weapon 32.000
Magister's Psychic Wand Weapon 31.000
Magister's Quickening Staff Weapon 32.000
Magister's Quickening Wand Weapon 31.000
Magister's Somatic Staff Weapon 32.000
Magister's Somatic Wand Weapon 31.000
Magister's Spellbook Implement 20.500
Magnificent Camp Camp 3 
Maple Shafts Component 2 
Master Armor Scraps (Humanoid) Salvage 31.330
Master's Acid Consumable Item 3 
Master's Ambrosia Consumable Item 3 
Master's Anarchic Charge Ammo 3 
Master's Antiplague Consumable Item 3 
Master's Antitoxin Consumable Item 3 
Master's Axiomatic Charge Ammo 3 
Master's Bloodblock Consumable Item 3 
Master's Bodybalm Consumable Item 3 
Master's Charge Gem Ammo Container 30.500
Master's Choking Bomb Consumable Item 3 
Master's Cinder Bomb Consumable Item 3 
Master's Cure Potion Consumable Item 3 
Master's Empowered Charge Ammo 3 
Master's Fire Consumable Item 3 
Master's Fortifying Powder Consumable Item 3 
Master's Holdout Weapon Implement 30.500
Master's Holy Charge Ammo 3 
Master's Ice Consumable Item 3 
Master's Pox Burster Consumable Item 3 
Master's Quiver Ammo Container 30.500
Master's Resistance Consumable Item 3 
Master's Rogue Kit Implement 30.500
Master's Siege Camp Kit Outpost Kit 3 
Master's Siege Engine Kit Holding Kit 3 
Master's Smokestick Consumable Item 3 
Master's Soothe Syrup Consumable Item 3 
Master's Speed Potion Consumable Item 3 
Master's Styptic Consumable Item 3 
Master's Sunrod Consumable Item 3 
Master's Tangle Bomb Consumable Item 3 
Master's Thunder Consumable Item 3 
Master's Toolkit Implement 30.500
Master's Trophy Charm Implement 30.500
Master's Unholy Charge Ammo 3 
Master's Ward Gel Consumable Item 3 
Medium Armored Mule Saddlebags Mule 2 
Medium Cloth Pack Gear 20.200
Medium Cloth Pouches Gear 20.200
Medium Leather Pack Gear 20.200
Medium Leather Pouches Gear 20.200
Medium Mule Saddlebags Mule 2 
Merchant Clothes Armor 21.000
Merchant Dress Armor 21.000
Merchant's Cinch Gear 20.200
Meteoric Iron Bodkin Arrow Ammo 3 
Meteoric Iron Broadhead Arrow Ammo 3 
Mine Holding Kit Holding Kit 2 
Mining Outpost Kit Outpost Kit 2 
Mixed Lodestone Resource 21.500
Moderate Acidic Extract Component 2 
Moderate Adhesive Extract Component 2 
Moderate Antiseptic Extract Component 2 
Moderate Aromatic Extract Component 2 
Moderate Cathartic Extract Component 2 
Moderate Deadly Extract Component 2 
Moderate Flammable Extract Component 2 
Moderate Hallucinogenic Extract Component 2 
Moderate Irritant Extract Component 2 
Moderate Luminous Extract Component 2 
Moderate Sanguine Extract Component 2 
Moderate Sedative Extract Component 2 
Moderate Soothing Extract Component 2 
Moderate Stimulant Extract Component 2 
Moderate Tonic Extract Component 2 
Moderate Varnish Component 2 
Muffled Steel Shirt Armor 24.000
Muted Crystal Component 3 
Mysterious Anagogic Essence Resource 20.120
Mysterious Antithesis Essence Resource 10.120
Mysterious Cryptic Essence Resource 30.120
Mysterious Dweomer Essence Resource 30.120
Mysterious Esoteric Essence Resource 10.120
Mysterious Ordered Essence Resource 10.120
Mysterious Resonant Essence Resource 20.120
Mysterious Seething Essence Resource 20.120
Mysterious Synthesis Essence Resource 30.120
Noble Clothes Armor 31.000
Nonstandard Gold Bits (Humanoid) Salvage 20.500
Nonstandard Platinum Bits (Humanoid) Salvage 30.500
Nonstandard Silver Bits (Humanoid) Salvage 10.500
Normal Lodestone Resource 21.000
Novice's Charge Gem Ammo Container 10.500
Novitiate's Chainmail Armor 17.000
Novitiate's Holy Symbol Implement 10.500
Novitiate's Scale Armor 17.000
Oak and Steel Splint Armor 210.000
Oak Bar Component 2 
Oak Baton Component 2 
Oak Buckler Weapon 20.400
Oak Haft Component 2 
Oak Heavy Shield Weapon 23.000
Oak Light Shield Weapon 21.000
Oak Pole Component 2 
Oak Post Component 2 
Occultist School Structure Kit Settlement Structure Kit 2 
Ochre Crystal Component 2 
Orderly Camp Camp 2 
Ordinary Cotton Resource 20.750
Ordinary Hemp Resource 10.750
Ordinary Silk Resource 30.750
Ordinary Wool Resource 10.750
Ornamental Gem Component 2 
Ornate Bracelet Gear 20.200
Ornate Chain Belt Gear 20.200
Ornate Circlet Gear 20.200
Ornate Necklace Gear 20.200
Ornate Ring Gear 20.200
Ornate Steel Helm Gear 20.200
Ornate Steel Plate Armor 210.000
Ornate Steel Shirt Armor 24.000
Otherworldly Anagogic Essence Resource 20.080
Otherworldly Antithesis Essence Resource 10.080
Otherworldly Cryptic Essence Resource 30.080
Otherworldly Dweomer Essence Resource 30.080
Otherworldly Esoteric Essence Resource 10.080
Otherworldly Ordered Essence Resource 10.080
Otherworldly Resonant Essence Resource 20.080
Otherworldly Seething Essence Resource 20.080
Otherworldly Synthesis Essence Resource 30.080
Painful Stanching Fluid (Cultist) Salvage 10.100
Pale Crystal Component 2 
Paper Sheets Component 2 
Parade Gloves Gear 20.200
Paramount Strips Component 3 
Parchment Sheets Component 1 
Peasant Clothes Armor 11.000
Peasant Dress Armor 11.000
Peasant Rags (Animal) Salvage 11.000
Peasant's Belt Gear 10.200
Perfect Black Opal Resource 30.040
Perfect Black Pearl Resource 30.040
Perfect Bloodstone Resource 10.040
Perfect Blue Sapphire Resource 30.040
Perfect Chrysoprase Resource 10.040
Perfect Deep Blue Spinel Resource 20.040
Perfect Emerald Resource 30.040
Perfect Fire Opal Resource 30.040
Perfect Freshwater Pearl Resource 10.040
Perfect Golden Yellow Topaz Resource 20.040
Perfect Jade Resource 20.040
Perfect Jet Resource 20.040
Perfect Large Diamond Resource 30.040
Perfect Moonstone Resource 10.040
Perfect Onyx Resource 10.040
Perfect Red Garnet Resource 20.040
Perfect Ruby Resource 30.040
Perfect Silver Pearl Resource 20.040
Perfect Small Diamond Resource 20.040
Perfect Tigereye Resource 10.040
Philosopher Statue Structure Kit Settlement Structure Kit 2 
Piecemeal Brigandine Armor 14.000
Pine Bar Component 1 
Pine Baton Component 1 
Pine Buckler Weapon 10.400
Pine Haft Component 1 
Pine Heavy Shield Weapon 13.000
Pine Light Shield Weapon 11.000
Pine Pole Component 1 
Pine Post Component 1 
Plain Animal Pelt Resource 10.750
Plain Beast Pelt Resource 10.750
Plain Creature Pelt Resource 20.750
Plain Dragon Skin Resource 30.750
Plain Monster Pelt Resource 20.750
Plain Shadow Skin Resource 30.750
Platinum Bar Component 3 
Plush Camp Camp 3 
Pot Steel Helm Gear 10.200
Pot Steel Plate Armor 110.000
Potent Alder Bark Resource 30.040
Potent Alkanet Root Resource 30.040
Potent Anise Seeds Resource 30.040
Potent Antimony Resource 20.040
Potent Aqua Fortis Resource 30.040
Potent Aqua Mortis Resource 30.040
Potent Arnica Root Resource 20.040
Potent Belladonna Berries Resource 10.040
Potent Black Lotus Petals Resource 30.040
Potent Blood Nettle Resource 10.040
Potent Bloodflower Gum Resource 10.040
Potent Brimstone Resource 10.040
Potent Buckthorn Berries Resource 10.040
Potent Cabble-Weed Resource 10.040
Potent Centaury Leaves Resource 20.040
Potent Chervil Flowers Resource 20.040
Potent Chickweed Resource 10.040
Potent Childstealer Ivy Resource 30.040
Potent Cinnabar Resource 10.040
Potent Coltsfoot Leaves Resource 10.040
Potent Comfrey Leaves Resource 10.040
Potent Coriander Fruit Resource 20.040
Potent Cowbane Resource 20.040
Potent Cypress Oil Resource 20.040
Potent Dawnflower Oil Resource 20.040
Potent Dragoon Leaves Resource 10.040
Potent Dreamglow Mushrooms Resource 10.040
Potent Ebonroot Resource 30.040
Potent Eraser Poppy Seeds Resource 30.040
Potent Fennel Seeds Resource 10.040
Potent Flayleaf Resource 30.040
Potent Foxfire Resource 10.040
Potent Foxglove Resource 20.040
Potent Fumbleroot Resource 20.040
Potent Galtroot Resource 30.040
Potent Gentian Resource 10.040
Potent Greenweed Resource 10.040
Potent Ground Ivy Resource 20.040
Potent Hemlock Resource 20.040
Potent Henbane Resource 10.040
Potent Horehound Resource 20.040
Potent Hyssop Oil Resource 10.040
Potent Indigo Leaves Resource 20.040
Potent Juniper Berries Resource 10.040
Potent Kermes Beetles Resource 30.040
Potent Lamp Oil Resource 10.040
Potent Laurel Leaves Resource 10.040
Potent Madder Root Resource 30.040
Potent Mandrake Resource 30.040
Potent Mugwort Root Resource 30.040
Potent Murder Moss Resource 30.040
Potent Nettle Resource 20.040
Potent Neversleep Sap Resource 10.040
Potent Oil of Vitriol Resource 30.040
Potent Orchil Lichen Resource 30.040
Potent Paraffin Wax Resource 20.040
Potent Pitcher Plant Sap Resource 20.040
Potent Quicklime Resource 30.040
Potent Quicksilver Resource 20.040
Potent Red Heartwood Resource 30.040
Potent Sablecap Mushroom Resource 30.040
Potent Sal Ammoniac Resource 10.040
Potent Saltpeter Resource 20.040
Potent Sleepmelt Leaves Resource 20.040
Potent Smoke Peppers Resource 10.040
Potent Tansy Leaves Resource 10.040
Potent Tormentil Resource 20.040
Potent Valerian Root Resource 10.040
Potent Vervain Leaves Resource 20.040
Potent Weld Leaves Resource 10.040
Potent Weltwood Bark Resource 30.040
Potent Willow Bark Resource 30.040
Potent Woad Leaves Resource 20.040
Potent Wolfsbane Resource 30.040
Potent Wormwood Resource 30.040
Potent Yarrow Flowers Resource 20.040
Potent Yellowcap Mushrooms Resource 20.040
Precious Gem Component 2 
Priest's Battle Focus Weapon 31.000
Priest's Chainmail Armor 27.000
Priest's Elemental Focus Weapon 31.000
Priest's Helm Gear 20.200
Priest's Holy Symbol Implement 30.500
Priest's Occult Focus Weapon 31.000
Priest's Scale Armor 27.000
Professional's Holdout Weapon Implement 20.500
Professional's Rogue Kit Implement 20.500
Professional's Siege Camp Kit Outpost Kit 2 
Professional's Siege Engine Kit Holding Kit 2 
Professional's Toolkit Implement 20.500
Professional's Trophy Charm Implement 20.500
Public Garden Structure Kit Settlement Structure Kit 2 
Pure Crystal Component 3 
Purgative Kit (Goblinoid) Salvage 20.100
Quarry Holding Kit Holding Kit 2 
Quiet Iron Shirt Armor 14.000
Ranch Holding Kit Holding Kit 2 
Ranching Outpost Kit Outpost Kit 2 
Reference Book Salvage 10.100
Reference Collection Component 1 
Regular Animal Pelt Resource 10.500
Regular Ash Sapling Resource 31.000
Regular Beast Pelt Resource 10.500
Regular Creature Pelt Resource 20.500
Regular Dragon Skin Resource 30.500
Regular Ghostwood Log Resource 31.000
Regular Maple Sapling Resource 21.000
Regular Monster Pelt Resource 20.500
Regular Oak Log Resource 21.000
Regular Pine Log Resource 11.000
Regular Shadow Skin Resource 30.500
Regular Yew Sapling Resource 11.000
Relaxation Kit (Goblinoid) Salvage 20.100
Relic of Arcana (Humanoid) Salvage 30.100
Relic of Divinity (Humanoid) Salvage 30.100
Relic of Inspiration (Humanoid) Salvage 30.100
Religious Statue Structure Kit Settlement Structure Kit 2 
Rich Lodestone Resource 20.500
Robes of the Disciple Armor 31.000
Robes of the Magi Armor 31.000
Robes of the Master Armor 31.000
Rogue Codex Collection Component 1 
Royal Camp Camp 3 
Royal Gloves Gear 30.200
Royal Hat Gear 30.200
Royal Sash Gear 30.200
Rugged Boots Gear 20.200
Runespun Robes Armor 11.000
Rustic Camp Camp 2 
Sage Codex Collection Component 1 
Sanctified Iron Battleaxe Weapon 11.000
Sanctified Iron Dagger Weapon 11.000
Sanctified Iron Greatsword Weapon 12.000
Sanctified Iron Light Hammer Weapon 11.000
Sanctified Iron Light Mace Weapon 11.000
Sanctified Iron Longsword Weapon 11.000
Sanctified Iron Rapier Weapon 11.000
Sanctified Iron Short Sword Weapon 11.000
Sanctified Iron Spear Weapon 12.000
Sanctified Oak Buckler Weapon 20.400
Sanctified Oak Heavy Shield Weapon 23.000
Sanctified Oak Light Shield Weapon 21.000
Sanctified Pine Buckler Weapon 10.400
Sanctified Pine Heavy Shield Weapon 13.000
Sanctified Pine Light Shield Weapon 11.000
Sanctified Steel Battleaxe Weapon 21.000
Sanctified Steel Dagger Weapon 21.000
Sanctified Steel Greatsword Weapon 22.000
Sanctified Steel Light Hammer Weapon 21.000
Sanctified Steel Light Mace Weapon 21.000
Sanctified Steel Longsword Weapon 21.000
Sanctified Steel Rapier Weapon 21.000
Sanctified Steel Short Sword Weapon 21.000
Sanctified Steel Spear Weapon 22.000
Sanctum Holding Kit Holding Kit 2 
Sawmill Structure Kit Settlement Structure Kit 2 
Sawyer Codex Collection Component 1 
Scholar's Ink Component 2 
Secret Giant Moss (Giant) Salvage 20.100
Secret Giant Mushrooms (Giant) Salvage 10.100
Secret Giant Peppers (Giant) Salvage 30.100
Secret Giant Tree (Giant) Salvage 30.100
Seeker's Charge Gem Ammo Container 20.500
Seer's Charge Gem Ammo Container 20.500
Select Cotton Resource 20.500
Select Hemp Resource 10.500
Select Silk Resource 30.500
Select Wool Resource 10.500
Seminary Structure Kit Settlement Structure Kit 2 
Semi-Precious Gem Component 1 
Sepia Crystal Component 1 
Shadowhide Armor 37.000
Shadowskin Boots Gear 30.200
Shadowskin Sheet Component 3 
Shattered Merchant Furniture (Humanoid) Salvage 21.330
Shimmering Truesilver Shirt Armor 34.000
Shrine Holding Kit Holding Kit 2 
Silk Cape Gear 30.200
Silk Rope Component 3 
Silk Sheet Component 3 
Silk Thread Component 3 
Silk Twine Component 3 
Silo Structure Kit Settlement Structure Kit 2 
Silver Amalgam Component 1 
Silver Bar Component 1 
Silver Bodkin Arrow Ammo 1 
Silver Broadhead Arrow Ammo 1 
Silvered Iron Battleaxe Weapon 11.000
Silvered Iron Blanks Component 1 
Silvered Iron Dagger Weapon 11.000
Silvered Iron Greatsword Weapon 12.000
Silvered Iron Ingot Component 1 
Silvered Iron Light Hammer Weapon 11.000
Silvered Iron Light Mace Weapon 11.000
Silvered Iron Longsword Weapon 11.000
Silvered Iron Rapier Weapon 11.000
Silvered Iron Short Sword Weapon 11.000
Silvered Iron Spear Weapon 12.000
Silvered Steel Battleaxe Weapon 21.000
Silvered Steel Blanks Component 2 
Silvered Steel Dagger Weapon 21.000
Silvered Steel Greatsword Weapon 22.000
Silvered Steel Ingot Component 2 
Silvered Steel Light Hammer Weapon 21.000
Silvered Steel Light Mace Weapon 21.000
Silvered Steel Longsword Weapon 21.000
Silvered Steel Rapier Weapon 21.000
Silvered Steel Short Sword Weapon 21.000
Silvered Steel Spear Weapon 22.000
Silver-Infused Bodkin Arrow Ammo 2 
Silver-Infused Broadhead Arrow Ammo 2 
Simple Belt Gear 10.200
Simple Camp Camp 1 
Skirmisher School Structure Kit Settlement Structure Kit 2 
Skullcap Gear 20.200
Sky Iron Battleaxe Weapon 31.000
Sky Iron Blanks Component 3 
Sky Iron Dagger Weapon 31.000
Sky Iron Greatsword Weapon 32.000
Sky Iron Ingot Component 3 
Sky Iron Light Hammer Weapon 31.000
Sky Iron Light Mace Weapon 31.000
Sky Iron Longsword Weapon 31.000
Sky Iron Rapier Weapon 31.000
Sky Iron Short Sword Weapon 31.000
Sky Iron Spear Weapon 32.000
Sleep Stones (Animal) Salvage 10.100
Small Armored Mule Saddlebags Mule 1 
Small Cloth Pack Gear 10.200
Small Cloth Pouches Gear 10.200
Small Leather Pack Gear 10.200
Small Leather Pouches Gear 10.200
Small Mule Saddlebags Mule 1 
Smelter Codex Collection Component 1 
Smeltmill Structure Kit Settlement Structure Kit 2 
Smith Structure Kit Settlement Structure Kit 2 
Smooth Animal Pelt Resource 10.250
Smooth Ash Sapling Resource 30.500
Smooth Beast Pelt Resource 10.250
Smooth Creature Pelt Resource 20.250
Smooth Dragon Skin Resource 30.250
Smooth Ghostwood Log Resource 30.500
Smooth Maple Sapling Resource 20.500
Smooth Monster Pelt Resource 20.250
Smooth Oak Log Resource 20.500
Smooth Pine Log Resource 10.500
Smooth Shadow Skin Resource 30.250
Smooth Yew Sapling Resource 10.500
Sniper's Quiver Ammo Container 30.500
Softwood Club Weapon 11.000
Softwood Greatclub Weapon 12.000
Soldier's Chainmail Armor 17.000
Soldier's Quiver Ammo Container 20.500
Soldier's Scale Armor 17.000
Solid Copper Ore Resource 10.500
Solid Gold Ore Resource 20.500
Solid Platinum Ore Resource 30.500
Solid Silver Ore Resource 10.500
Solid Truesilver Ore Resource 30.500
Soothing Blue Mud (Goblinoid) Salvage 20.100
Spellwright Structure Kit Settlement Structure Kit 2 
Staff Uniforms Component 1 
Standard Adamantine Ore Resource 31.000
Standard Coal Resource 11.000
Standard Iron Ore Resource 11.000
Standard Meteoric Iron Ore Resource 21.000
Stately Camp Camp 3 
Steel Battleaxe Weapon 11.000
Steel Blanks Component 1 
Steel Bodkin Arrow Ammo 1 
Steel Broadhead Arrow Ammo 1 
Steel Dagger Weapon 11.000
Steel Greatsword Weapon 12.000
Steel Ingot Component 1 
Steel Light Hammer Weapon 11.000
Steel Light Mace Weapon 11.000
Steel Longsword Weapon 11.000
Steel Plate Component 1 
Steel Rapier Weapon 11.000
Steel Short Sword Weapon 11.000
Steel Spear Weapon 12.000
Steel Wire Component 1 
Sticky Pine Resin (Bandit) Salvage 20.100
Stocking Cap Gear 10.200
Stonecutting Outpost Kit Outpost Kit 2 
Strapped Leather Armor 24.000
Strapped Shadowskin Armor 34.000
Strong Acidic Extract Component 3 
Strong Adhesive Extract Component 3 
Strong Antiseptic Extract Component 3 
Strong Aromatic Extract Component 3 
Strong Cathartic Extract Component 3 
Strong Deadly Extract Component 3 
Strong Flammable Extract Component 3 
Strong Hallucinogenic Extract Component 3 
Strong Irritant Extract Component 3 
Strong Luminous Extract Component 3 
Strong Sanguine Extract Component 3 
Strong Sedative Extract Component 3 
Strong Soothing Extract Component 3 
Strong Stimulant Extract Component 3 
Strong Tonic Extract Component 3 
Strong Varnish Component 3 
Studded Leather Armor 24.000
Studded Shadowskin Armor 34.000
Student's Holdout Weapon Implement 10.500
Student's Rogue Kit Implement 10.500
Student's Toolkit Implement 10.500
Student's Trophy Charm Implement 10.500
Sturdy Bracers Gear 10.200
Sturdy Girdle Gear 10.200
Stylish Padded Armor Armor 14.000
Stylish Slippers Gear 30.200
Sumptuous Bracelet Gear 20.200
Sumptuous Chain Belt Gear 20.200
Sumptuous Circlet Gear 20.200
Sumptuous Necklace Gear 20.200
Sumptuous Ring Gear 20.200
Superior Consonant Gem Component 3 
Superior Cotton Resource 20.250
Superior Divine Charm Component 3 
Superior Hemp Resource 10.250
Superior Numinous Gem Component 3 
Superior Padding Component 3 
Superior Silk Resource 30.250
Superior Token of Haste Consumable Item 3 
Superior Token of Invulnerability Consumable Item 3 
Superior Token of Might Consumable Item 3 
Superior Token of Regeneration Consumable Item 3 
Superior Token of Renewal Consumable Item 3 
Superior Vital Gem Component 3 
Superior Wool Resource 10.250
Tailor Codex Collection Component 1 
Tailors Structure Kit Settlement Structure Kit 2 
Tanner Codex Collection Component 1 
Tannery Structure Kit Settlement Structure Kit 2 
Target Marking Paint (Bandit) Salvage 10.100
Targeting Dummy Component 1 
Temple (Abadar) Structure Kit Settlement Structure Kit 2 
Temple (Asmodeus) Structure Kit Settlement Structure Kit 2 
Temple (Desna) Structure Kit Settlement Structure Kit 2 
Temple (Gorum) Structure Kit Settlement Structure Kit 2 
Temple (Gozreh) Structure Kit Settlement Structure Kit 2 
Temple (Iomedae) Structure Kit Settlement Structure Kit 2 
Temple (Lamashtu) Structure Kit Settlement Structure Kit 2 
Temple (Norgorber) Structure Kit Settlement Structure Kit 2 
Temple (Saranrae) Structure Kit Settlement Structure Kit 2 
Thick Dragonscale Armor 37.000
Thieves Guild Structure Kit Settlement Structure Kit 2 
Torn Acolyte Robes (Humanoid) Salvage 11.000
Torn Adept Robes (Humanoid) Salvage 21.000
Torn Master Robes Salvage 31.000
Torn Merchant Clothes (Humanoid) Salvage 21.000
Torn Noble Clothes (Humanoid) Salvage 31.000
Torn Peasant Clothes (Humanoid) Salvage 11.000
Toxic Kit (Goblinoid) Salvage 20.100
Trading Outpost Kit Outpost Kit 2 
Trading Post Holding Kit Holding Kit 2 
Traditional Camp Camp 2 
Transcendent Spellbook Implement 30.500
True Adamantine Ore Resource 30.500
True Coal Resource 10.500
True Iron Ore Resource 10.500
True Meteoric Iron Ore Resource 20.500
Truesilver Bar Component 3 
Truesilver Battleaxe Weapon 31.000
Truesilver Blanks Component 3 
Truesilver Bodkin Arrow Ammo 3 
Truesilver Broadhead Arrow Ammo 3 
Truesilver Chainmail Armor 34.000
Truesilver Dagger Weapon 31.000
Truesilver Greatsword Weapon 32.000
Truesilver Ingot Component 3 
Truesilver Light Hammer Weapon 31.000
Truesilver Light Mace Weapon 31.000
Truesilver Longsword Weapon 31.000
Truesilver Plate Component 3 
Truesilver Rapier Weapon 31.000
Truesilver Shirt Armor 32.000
Truesilver Short Sword Weapon 31.000
Truesilver Spear Weapon 32.000
Truesilver Wire Component 3 
Tunnel Marking Kit (Goblinoid) Salvage 20.100
Uncanny Anagogic Essence Resource 20.040
Uncanny Antithesis Essence Resource 10.040
Uncanny Cryptic Essence Resource 30.040
Uncanny Dweomer Essence Resource 30.040
Uncanny Esoteric Essence Resource 10.040
Uncanny Ordered Essence Resource 10.040
Uncanny Resonant Essence Resource 20.040
Uncanny Seething Essence Resource 20.040
Uncanny Synthesis Essence Resource 30.040
University Structure Kit Settlement Structure Kit 2 
Unusual Spices (Animal) Salvage 20.100
Vellum Sheets Component 3 
Veteran's Longbow Weapon 31.000
Veteran's Quiver Ammo Container 20.500
Veteran's Shortbow Weapon 31.000
Victory Marker Salvage 10.100
Viridian Crystal Component 2 
Vivid Crystal Component 3 
War Wizard School Structure Kit Settlement Structure Kit 2 
Warden Outpost Kit Outpost Kit 2 
Warden's Longbow Weapon 21.000
Warden's Quiver Ammo Container 20.500
Warden's Shortbow Weapon 21.000
Warding Stones Component 1 
Warehouse Structure Kit Settlement Structure Kit 2 
Warm Gloves Gear 10.200
Warm Hat Gear 10.200
Watchtower Holding Kit Holding Kit 2 
Waterproof Tarps Component 1 
Weak Acidic Extract Component 1 
Weak Adhesive Extract Component 1 
Weak Antiseptic Extract Component 1 
Weak Aromatic Extract Component 1 
Weak Cathartic Extract Component 1 
Weak Deadly Extract Component 1 
Weak Flammable Extract Component 1 
Weak Hallucinogenic Extract Component 1 
Weak Irritant Extract Component 1 
Weak Luminous Extract Component 1 
Weak Sanguine Extract Component 1 
Weak Sedative Extract Component 1 
Weak Soothing Extract Component 1 
Weak Stimulant Extract Component 1 
Weak Tonic Extract Component 1 
Weak Varnish Component 1 
Weaponmaster Structure Kit Settlement Structure Kit 2 
Weaponsmith Codex Collection Component 1 
Weaver Codex Collection Component 1 
Weighted Dropcloths Component 1 
Weird Cultist Drugs (Cultist) Salvage 20.100
Well Structure Kit Settlement Structure Kit 2 
Wizard Academy Structure Kit Settlement Structure Kit 2 
Wizard Codex Collection Component 1 
Woodshop Structure Kit Settlement Structure Kit 2 
Wool Cloak Gear 10.200
Wool Gloves Gear 10.200
Wool Mittens Gear 10.200
Wool Sheet Component 1 
Worker's Tools Component 1 
Worker's Torches Component 1 
Workhouse Structure Kit Settlement Structure Kit 2 
Workshop Structure Kit Settlement Structure Kit 2 
Woven Quiver Ammo Container 10.500
Yew and Iron Helm Gear 10.200
Yew and Iron Splint Armor 110.000
Yew Shafts Component 1 
Yew Stave Component 1