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Filter TypeDescription and Examples

Any text entered in the filter will match text found within the column.

attack (finds "Base Attack Bonus", "Ranged Attack Bonus", "Bleeding Attack", etc);


Add any regex to the query to use in the query ("mig" flags can be included /\w/mig)

/b[aeiou]s/i (finds "Base Attack Bonus", "Bestow Curse", etc);

< <= >= >

Find alphabetical or numerical values less than or greater than or equal to the filtered query.

>= 10 (find values greater than or equal to 10)

! or !=

Not operator, or not exactly match. Filters the column with content that does not match the query. Include an equal (=), single (') or double quote (") to exactly not match a filter.

!ge (hide rows with "General" in that column, but shows "Fighter", "Cleric", "Rogue"); !"Abjurer" (find content that does not exactly match "Abjurer")

" or =

To exactly match the search query, add a quote, apostrophe or equal sign to the beginning and/or end of the query

Aid" or Aid= (exactly match "Aid")

 &&  or  AND 

Logical "and". Filter the column for content that matches text from either side of the operator.

channel && harm (matches a cell that contains both "channel" and "harm");

 -  or  to 

Find a range of values. Make sure there is a space before and after the dash (or the word "to").

10 - 30 or 10 to 30 (match values between 10 and 30)


Wildcard for a single, non-space character.

a?i (finds "Acid Arrow" and "Agile Feet", but not "Alchemist")


Wildcard for zero or more non-space characters.

a*i (matches "Acid Arrow", "Agile Feet", and "Alchemist")

| or  OR 

Logical "or" (Vertical bar). Filter the column for content that matches text from either side of the bar.

rogue|fighter (matches either "Rogue Maneuver" or "Fighter Maneuver")


Perform a fuzzy search (matches sequential characters) by adding a tilde to the beginning of the query.

~baa (matches "Balestra and "Bleeding Attack"), or ~paizo (matches "Axe Specialization")

NameTypeRoleAdvancement Feat
Abjurer Feature WizardAbjurer
Abrupt Laceration Holdout Weapon Maneuver GeneralAbrupt Laceration
Acid Arrow Spellbook Spell GeneralAcid Arrow
Acid Dart Cantrip GeneralAcid Dart
Acid Fog Spellbook Spell GeneralAcid Fog
Acid Mastery Reactive WizardAcid Mastery
Adamantine Bolos Rogue Kit Maneuver GeneralAdamantine Bolos
Adamantine Shears Rogue Kit Maneuver GeneralAdamantine Shears
Adrenaline Surge Cantrip GeneralAdrenaline Surge
Agile Feet Orison GeneralAgile Feet
Agile Feet (Charging) Orison GeneralAgile Feet
Aid Holy Symbol Spell GeneralAid
Alchemist Upgrade GeneralAlchemist
Apothecary Upgrade GeneralApothecary
Apprentice's Acid Consumable General 
Apprentice's Alacrity Equation Toolkit Maneuver GeneralApprentice's Alacrity Equation
Apprentice's Ambrosia Consumable General 
Apprentice's Antiplague Consumable General 
Apprentice's Antitoxin Consumable General 
Apprentice's Bloodblock Consumable General 
Apprentice's Bodybalm Consumable General 
Apprentice's Choking Bomb Consumable General 
Apprentice's Cinder Bomb Consumable General 
Apprentice's Cure Potion Consumable General 
Apprentice's Fire Consumable General 
Apprentice's Forgefiend Trick Toolkit Maneuver GeneralApprentice's Forgefiend Trick
Apprentice's Fortifying Powder Consumable General 
Apprentice's Ice Consumable General 
Apprentice's Ooze Acid Toolkit Maneuver GeneralApprentice's Ooze Acid
Apprentice's Pox Burster Consumable General 
Apprentice's Protective Salve Toolkit Maneuver GeneralApprentice's Protective Salve
Apprentice's Resistance Consumable General 
Apprentice's Smokestick Consumable General 
Apprentice's Soothe Syrup Consumable General 
Apprentice's Speed Potion Consumable General 
Apprentice's Spring Heel Toolkit Maneuver GeneralApprentice's Spring Heel
Apprentice's Styptic Consumable General 
Apprentice's Sunrod Consumable General 
Apprentice's Tangle Bomb Consumable General 
Apprentice's Thunder Consumable General 
Apprentice's Twitch Tonic Consumable General 
Apprentice's Ward Gel Consumable General 
Arcana Upgrade GeneralArcana
Arcane Attack Bonus Upgrade GeneralArcane Attack Bonus
Arcane Weapon Proficiency Proficiency Feat GeneralArcane Weapon Proficiency
Archer Armor Feat FighterArcher
Archfiend's Acolyte Physical Attack ClericArchfiend's Acolyte
Architect Upgrade GeneralArchitect
Arctic Winds Cantrip GeneralArctic Winds
Armor Training Defensive FighterArmor Training
Armorsmith Upgrade GeneralArmorsmith
Artificer Upgrade GeneralArtificer
Artisan Armor Feat ExpertArtisan
Assailing Deterrence Holdout Weapon Maneuver GeneralAssailing Deterrence
Assaulting Dissuasion Holdout Weapon Maneuver GeneralAssaulting Dissuasion
Augment Trophy Charm Maneuver GeneralAugment
Augur Orison GeneralAugur
Auspicious Critical Reactive ClericAuspicious Critical
Axe Specialization Feature FighterAxe Specialization
Axe Weapon Proficiency Proficiency Feat GeneralAxe Weapon Proficiency
Balestra Physical Attack GeneralBalestra
Bane Orison GeneralBane
Banishing Blow Physical Attack ClericBanishing Blow
Base Attack Bonus Upgrade GeneralBase Attack Bonus
Basic Battleaxe Exploit Physical Attack GeneralBasic Attacks
Basic Battleaxe Strike Physical Attack GeneralBasic Attacks
Basic Club Exploit Physical Attack GeneralBasic Attacks
Basic Club Strike Physical Attack GeneralBasic Attacks
Basic Dagger Exploit Physical Attack GeneralBasic Attacks
Basic Dagger Strike Physical Attack GeneralBasic Attacks
Basic Focus Attack Orison ClericBasic Attacks
Basic Focus Exploit Orison ClericBasic Attacks
Basic Greatclub Exploit Physical Attack GeneralBasic Attacks
Basic Greatclub Strike Physical Attack GeneralBasic Attacks
Basic Greatsword Exploit Physical Attack GeneralBasic Attacks
Basic Greatsword Strike Physical Attack GeneralBasic Attacks
Basic Longbow Exploit Physical Attack GeneralBasic Attacks
Basic Longbow Strike Physical Attack GeneralBasic Attacks
Basic Longsword Exploit Physical Attack GeneralBasic Attacks
Basic Longsword Strike Physical Attack GeneralBasic Attacks
Basic Rapier Exploit Physical Attack GeneralBasic Attacks
Basic Rapier Strike Physical Attack GeneralBasic Attacks
Basic Shield Exploit Physical Attack GeneralBasic Attacks
Basic Shortbow Exploit Physical Attack GeneralBasic Attacks
Basic Shortbow Strike Physical Attack GeneralBasic Attacks
Basic Spear Exploit Physical Attack GeneralBasic Attacks
Basic Spear Strike Physical Attack GeneralBasic Attacks
Basic Staff Attack Cantrip GeneralBasic Attacks
Basic Staff Exploit Cantrip GeneralBasic Attacks
Basic Wand Attack Cantrip GeneralBasic Attacks
Basic Wand Exploit Cantrip GeneralBasic Attacks
Battle Rage Orison GeneralBattle Rage
Battleaxe Penetrating Strike Physical Attack FighterPenetrating Strike
Battleaxe Vital Strike Physical Attack FighterVital Strike
Beat Physical Attack GeneralBeat
Befuddling Strike Reactive RogueBefuddling Strike
Belligerant Disincentive Holdout Weapon Maneuver GeneralBelligerant Disincentive
Bestow Curse Holy Symbol Spell GeneralBestow Curse
Bestow Scourge Spellbook Spell GeneralBestow Scourge
Bewitch Cantrip GeneralBewitch
Binder Armor Feat WizardBinder
Binding Web Cantrip GeneralBinding Web
Biting Gaze Spellbook Spell GeneralBiting Gaze
Black Market Request Holdout Weapon Maneuver GeneralBlack Market Request
Blackfinger Press Physical Attack ClericBlackfinger Press
Bleeding Attack Reactive RogueBleeding Attack
Bleeding Touch Orison GeneralBleeding Touch
Bless Orison GeneralBless
Blessing Holy Symbol Spell GeneralBlessing
Blind Spellbook Spell GeneralBlind
Blind-Fight Defensive GeneralBlind-Fight
Blinding Chemicals Rogue Kit Maneuver GeneralBlinding Chemicals
Blinding Dust Rogue Kit Maneuver GeneralBlinding Dust
Blinding Flask Rogue Kit Maneuver GeneralBlinding Flask
Blinding Pattern Cantrip GeneralBlinding Pattern
Blinding Ray Cantrip GeneralBlinding Ray
Blindness-Deafness Spellbook Spell GeneralBlindness-Deafness
Bluff Upgrade GeneralBluff
Boil Blood Spellbook Spell GeneralBoil Blood
Boiling Blood Cantrip GeneralBoiling Blood
Bow Specialization Feature FighterBow Specialization
Bow Weapon Proficiency Proficiency Feat GeneralBow Weapon Proficiency
Bowyer Upgrade GeneralBowyer
Bramblequill Physical Attack ClericBramblequill
Branding Rune Cantrip GeneralBranding Rune
Bravery Defensive FighterBravery
Break Cantrip GeneralBreak
Bright Rune Cantrip GeneralBright Rune
Browbeat Trophy Charm Maneuver GeneralBrowbeat
Bull Rush Utility GeneralBull Rush
Bullseye Shot Physical Attack GeneralBullseye Shot
Bully Trophy Charm Maneuver GeneralBully
Bulwark Utility FighterBulwark
Burning Flume Cantrip WizardFire Mastery
Burning Hands Spellbook Spell GeneralBurning Hands
Burning Ray Cantrip WizardFire Mastery
Cacophony Cantrip GeneralCacophony
Cad's Genuflection Holdout Weapon Maneuver GeneralCad's Genuflection
Carpenter Upgrade GeneralCarpenter
Carrion Strike Cantrip GeneralCarrion Strike
Carve Physical Attack GeneralCarve
Cause Fear Holy Symbol Spell GeneralCause Fear
Chain Lightning Spellbook Spell GeneralChain Lightning
Chameleon Armor Feat RogueChameleon
Channel Negative Energy: Harm Utility ClericChannel Negative Energy
Channel Positive Energy: Heal Utility ClericChannel Positive Energy
Charge Utility GeneralCharge
Charm Domain Feature ClericCharm Domain
Chase Trophy Charm Maneuver GeneralChase
Child of Madness Physical Attack ClericChild of Madness
Chill Touch Cantrip GeneralChill Touch
Chop Physical Attack GeneralChop
Cleansing Cut Physical Attack ClericCleansing Cut
Cleave Physical Attack GeneralCleave
Clothed in Iron Physical Attack ClericClothed in Iron
Clothing Armor Proficiency Proficiency Feat GeneralClothing Armor Proficiency
Clouding Pierce Physical Attack ClericClouding Pierce
Club Channel Force Physical Attack ClericChannel Force
Club Channel Smite Physical Attack ClericChannel Smite
Club Conk Physical Attack GeneralConk
Club Distraction Physical Attack RogueDistraction
Club Master Strike Physical Attack RogueMaster Strike
Club Penetrating Strike Physical Attack FighterPenetrating Strike
Club Trick Physical Attack RogueTrick
Club Vital Strike Physical Attack FighterVital Strike
Clustered Shots Physical Attack GeneralClustered Shots
Cold Mastery Reactive WizardCold Mastery
Combat Expertise Utility GeneralCombat Expertise
Compound Physical Attack GeneralCompound
Concealing Mist Cantrip GeneralConcealing Mist
Confusing Veil Cantrip GeneralConfusing Veil
Conjurer Feature WizardConjurer
Contagion Holy Symbol Spell GeneralContagion
Corrosive Rain Cantrip GeneralCorrosive Rain
Cowards Flee Physical Attack ClericCowards Flee
Crippling Strike Reactive RogueCrippling Strike
Cross Blow Physical Attack GeneralCross Blow
Crossbow Weapon Proficiency Proficiency Feat GeneralCrossbow Weapon Proficiency
Crusader Armor Feat ClericCrusader
Cut Physical Attack GeneralCut
Cut-Throat Feature RogueCut-Throat
Dagger Channel Force Physical Attack ClericChannel Force
Dagger Channel Smite Physical Attack ClericChannel Smite
Dagger Distraction Physical Attack RogueDistraction
Dagger Master Strike Physical Attack RogueMaster Strike
Dagger Penetrating Strike Physical Attack FighterPenetrating Strike
Dagger Trick Physical Attack RogueTrick
Dagger Vital Strike Physical Attack FighterVital Strike
Dance of Liberation Physical Attack ClericDance of Liberation
Dancehall Rebuke Holdout Weapon Maneuver GeneralDancehall Rebuke
Daredevil Feature RogueDaredevil
Darkness Holy Symbol Spell GeneralDarkness
Darkness Bomb Rogue Kit Maneuver GeneralDarkness Bomb
Dastard's Obeisance Holdout Weapon Maneuver GeneralDastard's Obeisance
Daughter of Chillheart Physical Attack ClericDaughter of Chillheart
Dawnflower's Caress Physical Attack ClericDawnflower's Caress
Daze Cantrip GeneralDaze
Dazing Touch Orison GeneralDazing Touch
Deadly Aim Physical Attack GeneralDeadly Aim
Deadly Proximity Cantrip GeneralDeadly Proximity
Deafening Critical Reactive GeneralDeafening Critical
Deafening Roar Cantrip GeneralDeafening Roar
Deafness-Blindness Holy Symbol Spell GeneralDeafness-Blindness
Death Ward Holy Symbol Spell GeneralDeath Ward
Death's Shadow Spellbook Spell GeneralDeath's Shadow
Death's Wail Spellbook Spell GeneralDeath's Wail
Deception Physical Attack GeneralDeception
Deep Slumber Spellbook Spell GeneralDeep Slumber
Defending Weapon Orison GeneralDefending Weapon
Destruction Holy Symbol Spell GeneralDestruction
Destructive Smite Orison GeneralDestructive Smite
Devourer's Caress Cantrip GeneralDevourer's Caress
Disfiguring Touch Cantrip GeneralDisfiguring Touch
Dismissing Prime Physical Attack ClericDismissing Prime
Dispel Magic Spellbook Spell GeneralDispel Magic
Dispel Sorcery Holy Symbol Spell GeneralDispel Sorcery
Dispelling Attack Reactive RogueDispelling Attack
Dispelling Touch Orison GeneralDispelling Touch
Distant Shot Physical Attack GeneralDistant Shot
Distracting Powder Rogue Kit Maneuver GeneralDistracting Powder
Distracting Shot Physical Attack GeneralDistracting Shot
Disturb Trophy Charm Maneuver GeneralDisturb
Divine Attack Bonus Upgrade GeneralDivine Attack Bonus
Divine Blaze Holy Symbol Spell GeneralDivine Blaze
Divine Endurance Holy Symbol Spell GeneralDivine Endurance
Divine Favor Utility ClericDivine Favor
Divine Power Holy Symbol Spell GeneralDivine Power
Divine Strength Holy Symbol Spell GeneralDivine Strength
Doom Orison GeneralDoom
Double-Weapon Weapon Proficiency Proficiency Feat GeneralDouble-Weapon Weapon Proficiency
Downburst Cantrip GeneralDownburst
Dowser Upgrade GeneralDowser
Dragoon Armor Feat FighterDragoon
Dreamstrike Physical Attack ClericDreamstrike
Drowning Pin Physical Attack ClericDrowning Pin
Dungeoneering Upgrade GeneralDungeoneering
Dwarven Racial Benefit Upgrade GeneralDwarven Racial Benefit
Dwarven Weapon Proficiency Proficiency Feat GeneralDwarven Weapon Proficiency
Earthquake Holy Symbol Spell GeneralEarthquake
Eel's Touch Cantrip GeneralEel's Touch
Electric Brand Cantrip GeneralElectric Brand
Electricity Mastery Reactive WizardElectricity Mastery
Elven Racial Benefit Upgrade GeneralElven Racial Benefit
Elven Weapon Proficiency Proficiency Feat GeneralElven Weapon Proficiency
Enchanter Feature WizardEnchanter
Encumbrance Bonus Upgrade GeneralEncumbrance Bonus
Endanger Trophy Charm Maneuver GeneralEndanger
Endurance Spellbook Spell GeneralEndurance
Endure Elements Holy Symbol Spell GeneralEndure Elements
Energetic Field Cantrip GeneralEnergetic Field
Energy Drain Spellbook Spell GeneralEnergy Drain
Energy Sink Holy Symbol Spell GeneralEnergy Sink
Enervation Spellbook Spell GeneralEnervation
Enfeeble Spellbook Spell GeneralEnfeeble
Engineer Upgrade GeneralEngineer
Entangling Thorn Physical Attack ClericEntangling Thorn
Enthrall Cantrip GeneralEnthrall
Entrancing Deception Physical Attack ClericEntrancing Deception
Escape Physical Attack GeneralEscape
Evangelist Armor Feat ClericEvangelist
Evasion Utility RogueEvasion
Evoker Feature WizardEvoker
Exhausting Burst Cantrip GeneralExhausting Burst
Exhausting Critical Reactive GeneralExhausting Critical
Explosive Rune Cantrip GeneralExplosive Rune
False Edge Physical Attack GeneralFalse Edge
Fan Physical Attack GeneralFan
Fatiguing Flood Spellbook Spell GeneralFatiguing Flood
Fearsome Visage Cantrip GeneralFearsome Visage
Feint Utility RogueFeint
Feinting Ward Holdout Weapon Maneuver GeneralFeinting Ward
Figment Foes Cantrip GeneralFigment Foes
Fire Bolt Orison GeneralFire Bolt
Fire Domain Feature ClericFire Domain
Fire Mastery Reactive WizardFire Mastery
Fire Storm Holy Symbol Spell GeneralFire Storm
Fire Whirl Physical Attack ClericFire Whirl
Firearm Weapon Proficiency Proficiency Feat GeneralFirearm Weapon Proficiency
Fireball Spellbook Spell GeneralFireball
Flail Weapon Proficiency Proficiency Feat GeneralFlail Weapon Proficiency
Flare Cantrip GeneralFlare
Fluster Trophy Charm Maneuver GeneralFluster
Focus Channel Force Orison ClericChannel Force
Focus Channel Smite Orison ClericChannel Smite
Focus Weapon Proficiency Proficiency Feat GeneralFocus Weapon Proficiency
Foiling Screen Holdout Weapon Maneuver GeneralFoiling Screen
Followthrough Foresight Physical Attack GeneralFollowthrough Foresight
Footwork Physical Attack GeneralFootwork
Force Hail Cantrip GeneralForce Hail
Force Mastery Reactive WizardForce Mastery
Force Missile Spellbook Spell GeneralForce Missile
Forehand Physical Attack GeneralForehand
Forester Upgrade GeneralForester
Fortitude Bonus Upgrade GeneralFortitude Bonus
Freezing Ray Cantrip WizardCold Mastery
Freezing Sphere Spellbook Spell GeneralFreezing Sphere
Freezing Torrent Cantrip WizardCold Mastery
Friendly Handshake Holdout Weapon Maneuver GeneralFriendly Handshake
Frighten Cantrip GeneralFrighten
Frightening Blast Cantrip GeneralFrightening Blast
Frost Ray Cantrip GeneralFrost Ray
Frosthorn Physical Attack ClericFrosthorn
Full Bore Holdout Weapon Maneuver GeneralFull Bore
Gemcutter Upgrade GeneralGemcutter
Geography Upgrade GeneralGeography
Ghostly Grasp Cantrip GeneralGhostly Grasp
Glacial Blast Spellbook Spell GeneralGlacial Blast
Glitter Spray Cantrip GeneralGlitter Spray
Glittering Blast Cantrip GeneralGlittering Blast
Glory Domain Feature ClericGlory Domain
Gore Physical Attack GeneralGore
Gracious Spike Holdout Weapon Maneuver GeneralGracious Spike
Grasping Shadows Cantrip GeneralGrasping Shadows
Gravity Crush Cantrip GeneralGravity Crush
Great Fortitude Defensive GeneralGreat Fortitude
Greatclub Penetrating Strike Physical Attack FighterPenetrating Strike
Greatclub Vital Strike Physical Attack FighterVital Strike
Greater Acid Arrow Spellbook Spell GeneralGreater Acid Arrow
Greater Aid Holy Symbol Spell GeneralGreater Aid
Greater Blessing Holy Symbol Spell GeneralGreater Blessing
Greater Boil Blood Spellbook Spell GeneralGreater Boil Blood
Greater Cause Fear Holy Symbol Spell GeneralGreater Cause Fear
Greater Cure Holy Symbol Spell GeneralGreater Cure
Greater Darkness Holy Symbol Spell GeneralGreater Darkness
Greater Deafness-Blindness Holy Symbol Spell GeneralGreater Deafness-Blindness
Greater Dispel Magic Spellbook Spell GeneralGreater Dispel Magic
Greater Dispel Sorcery Holy Symbol Spell GeneralGreater Dispel Sorcery
Greater Divine Endurance Holy Symbol Spell GeneralGreater Divine Endurance
Greater Divine Strength Holy Symbol Spell GeneralGreater Divine Strength
Greater Endurance Spellbook Spell GeneralGreater Endurance
Greater Endure Elements Holy Symbol Spell GeneralGreater Endure Elements
Greater Enfeeble Spellbook Spell GeneralGreater Enfeeble
Greater Fatiguing Flood Spellbook Spell GeneralGreater Fatiguing Flood
Greater Fireball Spellbook Spell GeneralGreater Fireball
Greater Force Missile Spellbook Spell GeneralGreater Force Missile
Greater Glacial Blast Spellbook Spell GeneralGreater Glacial Blast
Greater Haste Spellbook Spell GeneralGreater Haste
Greater Hold Person Holy Symbol Spell GeneralGreater Hold Person
Greater Holy Light Holy Symbol Spell GeneralGreater Holy Light
Greater Hydraulic Push Spellbook Spell GeneralGreater Hydraulic Push
Greater Inflict Holy Symbol Spell GeneralGreater Inflict
Greater Invisibility Purge Holy Symbol Spell GeneralGreater Invisibility Purge
Greater Lightning Spellbook Spell GeneralGreater Lightning
Greater Mass Divine Endurance Holy Symbol Spell GeneralGreater Mass Divine Endurance
Greater Mass Divine Strength Holy Symbol Spell GeneralGreater Mass Divine Strength
Greater Prayer Holy Symbol Spell GeneralGreater Prayer
Greater Rainbow Spray Spellbook Spell GeneralGreater Rainbow Spray
Greater Resist Energy Holy Symbol Spell GeneralGreater Resist Energy
Greater Scourge Spellbook Spell GeneralGreater Scourge
Greater Shout Spellbook Spell GeneralGreater Shout
Greater Slay Living Holy Symbol Spell GeneralGreater Slay Living
Greater Sleep Spellbook Spell GeneralGreater Sleep
Greater Sleet Storm Spellbook Spell GeneralGreater Sleet Storm
Greater Sonic Burst Holy Symbol Spell GeneralGreater Sonic Burst
Greater Speed Spellbook Spell GeneralGreater Speed
Greater Strength Spellbook Spell GeneralGreater Strength
Greater Symbol of Fear Holy Symbol Spell GeneralGreater Symbol of Fear
Greater Symbol of Pain Holy Symbol Spell GeneralGreater Symbol of Pain
Greater Token of Armor Consumable General 
Greater Token of Fast Healing Consumable General 
Greater Token of Healing Consumable General 
Greater Token of Protection Consumable General 
Greater Token of Resistance Consumable General 
Greater Token of Strength Consumable General 
Greater Toxic Cloud Spellbook Spell GeneralGreater Toxic Cloud
Greater Web Spellbook Spell GeneralGreater Web
Greatsword Channel Force Physical Attack ClericChannel Force
Greatsword Channel Smite Physical Attack ClericChannel Smite
Greatsword Penetrating Strike Physical Attack FighterPenetrating Strike
Greatsword Vital Strike Physical Attack FighterVital Strike
Guidance Orison GeneralGuidance
Guide Armor Feat FreeholderGuide
Hack Physical Attack GeneralHack
Half Draw Physical Attack GeneralHalf Draw
Halt Trophy Charm Maneuver GeneralHalt
Hammer Conk Physical Attack GeneralConk
Hammer Specialization Feature FighterHammer Specialization
Hammer Weapon Proficiency Proficiency Feat GeneralHammer Weapon Proficiency
Hamstring Physical Attack GeneralHamstring
Harm Holy Symbol Spell GeneralHarm
Haste Spellbook Spell GeneralHaste
Haunting Mists Cantrip GeneralHaunting Mists
Heal Holy Symbol Spell GeneralHeal
Healer Armor Feat ClericHealer
Heart Siphon Holdout Weapon Maneuver GeneralHeart Siphon
Heavy Armor Proficiency Proficiency Feat GeneralHeavy Armor Proficiency
Heavy Blade Specialization Feature FighterHeavy Blade Specialization
Heavy Blade Weapon Proficiency Proficiency Feat GeneralHeavy Blade Weapon Proficiency
Heavy Melee Attack Bonus Upgrade GeneralHeavy Melee Attack Bonus
Hellflume Cantrip GeneralHellflume
Hew Physical Attack GeneralHew
Hidden Thrust Holdout Weapon Maneuver GeneralHidden Thrust
Hideous Laughter Spellbook Spell GeneralHideous Laughter
History Upgrade GeneralHistory
Hit Points Upgrade GeneralHit Points
Hoist Physical Attack GeneralHoist
Hold Monster Spellbook Spell GeneralHold Monster
Hold Person Holy Symbol Spell GeneralHold Person
Hold the Line Utility FighterHold the Line
Holdout Weapon Implement Proficiency Proficiency Feat GeneralHoldout Weapon Implement Proficiency
Holy Lance Orison GeneralHoly Lance
Holy Light Holy Symbol Spell GeneralHoly Light
Holy Symbol Implement Proficiency Proficiency Feat GeneralHoly Symbol Implement Proficiency
Human Racial Benefit Upgrade GeneralHuman Racial Benefit
Hydraulic Push Spellbook Spell GeneralHydraulic Push
Icicle Orison GeneralIcicle
Iconographer Upgrade GeneralIconographer
Illuminating Field Cantrip GeneralIlluminating Field
Illusionist Feature WizardIllusionist
Impact Critical Shot Physical Attack GeneralImpact Critical Shot
Impale Physical Attack GeneralImpale
Impaling Shot Physical Attack GeneralImpaling Shot
Imperil Trophy Charm Maneuver GeneralImperil
Implosion Holy Symbol Spell GeneralImplosion
Improved Acid Arrow Spellbook Spell GeneralImproved Acid Arrow
Improved Aid Holy Symbol Spell GeneralImproved Aid
Improved Blessing Holy Symbol Spell GeneralImproved Blessing
Improved Blind Spellbook Spell GeneralImproved Blind
Improved Boil Blood Spellbook Spell GeneralImproved Boil Blood
Improved Cause Fear Holy Symbol Spell GeneralImproved Cause Fear
Improved Curse Holy Symbol Spell GeneralImproved Curse
Improved Darkness Holy Symbol Spell GeneralImproved Darkness
Improved Deafness-Blindness Holy Symbol Spell GeneralImproved Deafness-Blindness
Improved Divine Endurance Holy Symbol Spell GeneralImproved Divine Endurance
Improved Divine Strength Holy Symbol Spell GeneralImproved Divine Strength
Improved Endurance Spellbook Spell GeneralImproved Endurance
Improved Endure Elements Holy Symbol Spell GeneralImproved Endure Elements
Improved Force Missile Spellbook Spell GeneralImproved Force Missile
Improved Hold Person Holy Symbol Spell GeneralImproved Hold Person
Improved Holy Light Holy Symbol Spell GeneralImproved Holy Light
Improved Hydraulic Push Spellbook Spell GeneralImproved Hydraulic Push
Improved Invisibility Purge Holy Symbol Spell GeneralImproved Invisibility Purge
Improved Prayer Holy Symbol Spell GeneralImproved Prayer
Improved Ray of Exhaustion Spellbook Spell GeneralImproved Ray of Exhaustion
Improved Resist Energy Holy Symbol Spell GeneralImproved Resist Energy
Improved Sonic Burst Holy Symbol Spell GeneralImproved Sonic Burst
Improved Speed Spellbook Spell GeneralImproved Speed
Improved Strength Spellbook Spell GeneralImproved Strength
Improved Web Spellbook Spell GeneralImproved Web
Incendiary Cloud Spellbook Spell GeneralIncendiary Cloud
Inertia Physical Attack GeneralInertia
Inheritor's Strike Physical Attack ClericInheritor's Strike
Inspiring Word Orison GeneralInspiring Word
Instant Inferno Cantrip GeneralInstant Inferno
Intensify Trophy Charm Maneuver GeneralIntensify
Intercept Trophy Charm Maneuver GeneralIntercept
Into the Fray Physical Attack ClericInto the Fray
Invested with Secrets Feature FreeholderInvested with Secrets
Invisibility Purge Holy Symbol Spell GeneralInvisibility Purge
Invisible Ray Cantrip WizardForce Mastery
Invisible Torrent Cantrip WizardForce Mastery
Invoking Invasion Physical Attack ClericInvoking Invasion
Iron Army Spellbook Spell GeneralIron Army
Iron Gate Ward Physical Attack GeneralIron Gate Ward
Iron Will Defensive GeneralIron Will
Jarring Mesmerism Cantrip GeneralJarring Mesmerism
Jeopardize Trophy Charm Maneuver GeneralJeopardize
Jeweler Upgrade GeneralJeweler
Journeyman's Acid Consumable General 
Journeyman's Alacrity Equation Toolkit Maneuver GeneralJourneyman's Alacrity Equation
Journeyman's Ambrosia Consumable General 
Journeyman's Antiplague Consumable General 
Journeyman's Antitoxin Consumable General 
Journeyman's Bloodblock Consumable General 
Journeyman's Bodybalm Consumable General 
Journeyman's Choking Bomb Consumable General 
Journeyman's Cinder Bomb Consumable General 
Journeyman's Cure Potion Consumable General 
Journeyman's Fire Consumable General 
Journeyman's Forgefiend Trick Toolkit Maneuver GeneralJourneyman's Forgefiend Trick
Journeyman's Fortifying Powder Consumable General 
Journeyman's Ice Consumable General 
Journeyman's Ooze Acid Toolkit Maneuver GeneralJourneyman's Ooze Acid
Journeyman's Pox Burster Consumable General 
Journeyman's Protective Salve Toolkit Maneuver GeneralJourneyman's Protective Salve
Journeyman's Resistance Consumable General 
Journeyman's Smokestick Consumable General 
Journeyman's Soothe Syrup Consumable General 
Journeyman's Speed Potion Consumable General 
Journeyman's Spring Heel Toolkit Maneuver GeneralJourneyman's Spring Heel
Journeyman's Styptic Consumable General 
Journeyman's Sunrod Consumable General 
Journeyman's Tangle Bomb Consumable General 
Journeyman's Thunder Consumable General 
Journeyman's Twitch Tonic Consumable General 
Journeyman's Ward Gel Consumable General 
Keg Tap Holdout Weapon Maneuver GeneralKeg Tap
Killing Joke Cantrip GeneralKilling Joke
Leatherworker Upgrade GeneralLeatherworker
Lens of the Sun Cantrip GeneralLens of the Sun
Lesser Cure Holy Symbol Spell GeneralLesser Cure
Lesser Inflict Holy Symbol Spell GeneralLesser Inflict
Lesser Token of Awareness Consumable General 
Lesser Token of Curing Consumable General 
Lesser Token of Dodging Consumable General 
Lesser Token of Freedom Consumable General 
Lesser Token of Mind Blanking Consumable General 
Lesser Token of Parrying Consumable General 
Lesser Token of Riposting Consumable General 
Lesser Token of Striking Consumable General 
Liberation Orison GeneralLiberation
Light Armor Proficiency Proficiency Feat GeneralLight Armor Proficiency
Light Blade Specialization Feature FighterLight Blade Specialization
Light Blade Weapon Proficiency Proficiency Feat GeneralLight Blade Weapon Proficiency
Light Melee Attack Bonus Upgrade GeneralLight Melee Attack Bonus
Lightning Arc Orison GeneralLightning Arc
Lightning Bolt Spellbook Spell GeneralLightning Bolt
Lightning Ray Spellbook Spell GeneralLightning Ray
Lightning Reflexes Defensive GeneralLightning Reflexes
Local Upgrade GeneralLocal
Longbow Penetrating Strike Physical Attack FighterPenetrating Strike
Longbow Vital Strike Physical Attack FighterVital Strike
Longsword Channel Force Physical Attack ClericChannel Force
Longsword Channel Smite Physical Attack ClericChannel Smite
Longsword Penetrating Strike Physical Attack FighterPenetrating Strike
Longsword Vital Strike Physical Attack FighterVital Strike
Lookout Utility GeneralLookout
Luck Domain Feature ClericLuck Domain
Lullaby Cantrip GeneralLullaby
Lunge Physical Attack GeneralLunge
Mace Conk Physical Attack GeneralConk
Mage Armor Feat WizardMage
Mage's Resistance Cantrip GeneralMage's Resistance
Mangle Physical Attack GeneralMangle
Mass Divine Endurance Holy Symbol Spell GeneralMass Divine Endurance
Mass Divine Strength Holy Symbol Spell GeneralMass Divine Strength
Mass Endurance Spellbook Spell GeneralMass Endurance
Mass Greater Cure Holy Symbol Spell GeneralMass Greater Cure
Mass Greater Inflict Holy Symbol Spell GeneralMass Greater Inflict
Mass Heal Holy Symbol Spell GeneralMass Heal
Mass Hold Person Spellbook Spell GeneralMass Hold Person
Mass Lesser Cure Holy Symbol Spell GeneralMass Lesser Cure
Mass Lesser Inflict Holy Symbol Spell GeneralMass Lesser Inflict
Mass Strength Spellbook Spell GeneralMass Strength
Master of Opportunity: Slip Reactive FighterMaster of Opportunity: Slip
Master of Opportunity: Stand Still Reactive FighterMaster of Opportunity: Stand Still
Master of Opportunity: Stop Reactive FighterMaster of Opportunity: Stop
Master of Opportunity: Stumble Reactive FighterMaster of Opportunity: Stumble
Master of Opportunity: Suffer Reactive FighterMaster of Opportunity: Suffer
Master's Acid Consumable General 
Master's Alacrity Equation Toolkit Maneuver GeneralMaster's Alacrity Equation
Master's Ambrosia Consumable General 
Master's Antiplague Consumable General 
Master's Antitoxin Consumable General 
Master's Bloodblock Consumable General 
Master's Bodybalm Consumable General 
Master's Choking Bomb Consumable General 
Master's Cinder Bomb Consumable General 
Master's Cure Potion Consumable General 
Master's Fire Consumable General 
Master's Forgefiend Trick Toolkit Maneuver GeneralMaster's Forgefiend Trick
Master's Fortifying Powder Consumable General 
Master's Ice Consumable General 
Master's Ooze Acid Toolkit Maneuver GeneralMaster's Ooze Acid
Master's Pox Burster Consumable General 
Master's Protective Salve Toolkit Maneuver GeneralMaster's Protective Salve
Master's Resistance Consumable General 
Master's Smokestick Consumable General 
Master's Soothe Syrup Consumable General 
Master's Speed Potion Consumable General 
Master's Spring Heel Toolkit Maneuver GeneralMaster's Spring Heel
Master's Styptic Consumable General 
Master's Sunrod Consumable General 
Master's Tangle Bomb Consumable General 
Master's Thunder Consumable General 
Master's Twitch Tonic Consumable General 
Master's Ward Gel Consumable General 
Medium Armor Proficiency Proficiency Feat GeneralMedium Armor Proficiency
Medusa's Gaze Cantrip GeneralMedusa's Gaze
Melting Ray Cantrip WizardAcid Mastery
Melting Stream Cantrip WizardAcid Mastery
Mental Mist Cantrip GeneralMental Mist
Mental Ray Cantrip WizardPsychic Mastery
Mental Strike Cantrip WizardPsychic Mastery
Meteor Swarm Spellbook Spell GeneralMeteor Swarm
Midnight Holy Symbol Spell GeneralMidnight
Midnight Ray Cantrip WizardNegative Mastery
Midnight Strike Cantrip WizardNegative Mastery
Miner Upgrade GeneralMiner
Minor Cure Orison GeneralMinor Cure
Minor Cure (Charging) Orison GeneralMinor Cure
Mug Shot Holdout Weapon Maneuver GeneralMug Shot
Multi-Shot Physical Attack GeneralMulti-Shot
Nature Upgrade GeneralNature
Nauseating Ray Cantrip GeneralNauseating Ray
Necromancer Feature WizardNecromancer
Negative Mastery Reactive WizardNegative Mastery
Nightmarish Foe Cantrip GeneralNightmarish Foe
Noxious Flume Cantrip GeneralNoxious Flume
Officer Upgrade GeneralOfficer
One-Handed Melee Specialization Feature FighterOne-Handed Melee Specialization
Opportunist Feature RogueOpportunist
Outfitter Armor Feat ExpertOutfitter
Outwitting Bastion Holdout Weapon Maneuver GeneralOutwitting Bastion
Overdraw Physical Attack GeneralOverdraw
Parry Physical Attack GeneralParry
Parting Shot Physical Attack GeneralParting Shot
Passing Step Thrust Physical Attack GeneralPassing Step Thrust
Passionate in the Workshop Feature FreeholderPassionate in the Workshop
Patient Anchor Physical Attack GeneralPatient Anchor
Pause Trophy Charm Maneuver GeneralPause
Penetrate Physical Attack GeneralPenetrate
Penitent of the Pit Physical Attack ClericPenitent of the Pit
Perception Upgrade GeneralPerception
Pinpoint Targeting Physical Attack GeneralPinpoint Targeting
Pioneer Armor Feat FreeholderPioneer
Plague Storm Cantrip GeneralPlague Storm
Planes Upgrade GeneralPlanes
Point Blank Shot Physical Attack GeneralPoint Blank Shot
Poison Holy Symbol Spell GeneralPoison
Polar Ray Spellbook Spell GeneralPolar Ray
Polearm Specialization Feature FighterPolearm Specialization
Polearm Weapon Proficiency Proficiency Feat GeneralPolearm Weapon Proficiency
Polite Tack Holdout Weapon Maneuver GeneralPolite Tack
Pommel Physical Attack GeneralPommel
Power Upgrade GeneralPower
Prayer Holy Symbol Spell GeneralPrayer
Precise Shot Physical Attack GeneralPrecise Shot
Press Physical Attack GeneralPress
Prime Physical Attack GeneralPrime
Prismatic Spray Spellbook Spell GeneralPrismatic Spray
Protection Domain Feature ClericProtection Domain
Protection Prone Feature ExpertProtection Prone
Protective Ward Cantrip GeneralProtective Ward
Prying Shears Rogue Kit Maneuver GeneralPrying Shears
Psychic Mastery Reactive WizardPsychic Mastery
Pulverize Physical Attack GeneralPulverize
Puncture Physical Attack GeneralPuncture
Quick Frost Cantrip GeneralQuick Frost
Quick Shot Physical Attack GeneralQuick Shot
Rainbow Pattern Spellbook Spell GeneralRainbow Pattern
Rainbow Spray Spellbook Spell GeneralRainbow Spray
Rambler Armor Feat FreeholderRambler
Ranged Attack Bonus Upgrade GeneralRanged Attack Bonus
Ranged Specialization Feature FighterRanged Specialization
Rapier Channel Force Physical Attack ClericChannel Force
Rapier Channel Smite Physical Attack ClericChannel Smite
Rapier Distraction Physical Attack RogueDistraction
Rapier Master Strike Physical Attack RogueMaster Strike
Rapier Penetrating Strike Physical Attack FighterPenetrating Strike
Rapier Trick Physical Attack RogueTrick
Rapier Vital Strike Physical Attack FighterVital Strike
Rattle Physical Attack GeneralRattle
Ray of Exhaustion Spellbook Spell GeneralRay of Exhaustion
Razing Smite Orison GeneralRazing Smite
Razor Kiss Holdout Weapon Maneuver GeneralRazor Kiss
Razor's Curse Physical Attack ClericRazor's Curse
Reaper's Escape Physical Attack ClericReaper's Escape
Rebuffing Barrage Holdout Weapon Maneuver GeneralRebuffing Barrage
Recovery Bonus Upgrade GeneralRecovery Bonus
Redouble Trophy Charm Maneuver GeneralRedouble
Reflex Bonus Upgrade GeneralReflex Bonus
Regenerate Holy Symbol Spell GeneralRegenerate
Remove Energy Cantrip GeneralRemove Energy
Repelling Onslaught Holdout Weapon Maneuver GeneralRepelling Onslaught
Resiliency Utility RogueResiliency
Resist Energy Holy Symbol Spell GeneralResist Energy
Resistance Orison GeneralResistance
Resistance (Charging) Orison GeneralResistance
Reveal the Coward Physical Attack ClericReveal the Coward
Riddleport Hello Holdout Weapon Maneuver GeneralRiddleport Hello
Righteousness Holy Symbol Spell GeneralRighteousness
Ripping Shears Rogue Kit Maneuver GeneralRipping Shears
Rogue Kit Implement Proficiency Proficiency Feat GeneralRogue Kit Implement Proficiency
Round Physical Attack GeneralRound
Ruin Physical Attack GeneralRuin
Running Shot Physical Attack GeneralRunning Shot
Rush Trophy Charm Maneuver GeneralRush
Sacrificial Dagger Physical Attack ClericSacrificial Dagger
Sage Upgrade GeneralSage
Sanctified Feature RogueSanctified
Sapping Smite Physical Attack ClericSapping Smite
Sawyer Upgrade GeneralSawyer
Scare Trophy Charm Maneuver GeneralScare
Scavenger Upgrade GeneralScavenger
Scholar Armor Feat WizardScholar
Scorching Ray Spellbook Spell GeneralScorching Ray
Scout Armor Feat RogueScout
Searing Armor Cantrip GeneralSearing Armor
Secret Jab Holdout Weapon Maneuver GeneralSecret Jab
Seneschal Upgrade GeneralSeneschal
Sever Enchantments Physical Attack ClericSever Enchantments
Shadow Blast Cantrip GeneralShadow Blast
Shadow Ray Cantrip GeneralShadow Ray
Shank Physical Attack GeneralShank
Shard Spray Cantrip GeneralShard Spray
Shard Storm Cantrip GeneralShard Storm
Shark Feature RogueShark
Shatter Physical Attack GeneralShatter
Shear Physical Attack GeneralShear
Sheltering Critical Reactive ClericSheltering Critical
Shield Bash Physical Attack GeneralShield Bash
Shield Block Physical Attack GeneralShield Block
Shield Channel Force Physical Attack ClericChannel Force
Shield Channel Smite Physical Attack ClericChannel Smite
Shield Charge Physical Attack GeneralShield Charge
Shield of Faith Utility ClericShield of Faith
Shield Slam Physical Attack GeneralShield Slam
Shield Vital Strike Physical Attack FighterVital Strike
Shield Weapon Proficiency Proficiency Feat GeneralShield Weapon Proficiency
Shillelagh Physical Attack GeneralShillelagh
Shiv Physical Attack GeneralShiv
Shocking Ray Cantrip WizardElectricity Mastery
Shocking Strike Cantrip WizardElectricity Mastery
Shortbow Distraction Physical Attack RogueDistraction
Shortbow Master Strike Physical Attack RogueMaster Strike
Shortbow Penetrating Strike Physical Attack FighterPenetrating Strike
Shortbow Trick Physical Attack RogueTrick
Shortbow Vital Strike Physical Attack FighterVital Strike
Shout Spellbook Spell GeneralShout
Shove Physical Attack GeneralShove
Sickening Critical Reactive GeneralSickening Critical
Simple Weapon Proficiency Proficiency Feat GeneralSimple Weapon Proficiency
Siren's Song Cantrip GeneralSiren's Song
Skewer Physical Attack GeneralSkewer
Skinsaw Cut Physical Attack ClericSkinsaw Cut
Slam Physical Attack GeneralSlam
Slash Physical Attack GeneralSlash
Slash of Sacred Speed Physical Attack ClericSlash of Sacred Speed
Slay Living Holy Symbol Spell GeneralSlay Living
Sleep Spellbook Spell GeneralSleep
Sleet Storm Spellbook Spell GeneralSleet Storm
Slippery Ground Cantrip GeneralSlippery Ground
Slippery Mind Defensive RogueSlippery Mind
Slow Reactions Reactive RogueSlow Reactions
Slug Physical Attack GeneralSlug
Smash Physical Attack GeneralSmash
Smelter Upgrade GeneralSmelter
Smile Maker Holdout Weapon Maneuver GeneralSmile Maker
Smoke Bomb Rogue Kit Maneuver GeneralSmoke Bomb
Snap Shot Physical Attack GeneralSnap Shot
Soldier Upgrade GeneralSoldier
Son of Redlust Physical Attack ClericSon of Redlust
Sonic Mastery Reactive WizardSonic Mastery
Sonic Thrust Cantrip GeneralSonic Thrust
Sorrow's Release Physical Attack GeneralSorrow's Release
Sound Burst Holy Symbol Spell GeneralSound Burst
Spear Channel Force Physical Attack ClericChannel Force
Spear Channel Smite Physical Attack ClericChannel Smite
Spear Penetrating Strike Physical Attack FighterPenetrating Strike
Spear Vital Strike Physical Attack FighterVital Strike
Speed Spellbook Spell GeneralSpeed
Spell Suppression Cantrip GeneralSpell Suppression
Spellbook Implement Proficiency Proficiency Feat GeneralSpellbook Implement Proficiency
Spellbreaker Feature RogueSpellbreaker
Spellcraft Upgrade GeneralSpellcraft
Spider Feature RogueSpider
Spike Physical Attack GeneralSpike
Stab Physical Attack GeneralStab
Stagger Physical Attack GeneralStagger
Staggering Critical Reactive GeneralStaggering Critical
Star Slinger Physical Attack ClericStar Slinger
Steal Speed Cantrip GeneralSteal Speed
Stealth Upgrade GeneralStealth
Stinging Rebuke Physical Attack ClericStinging Rebuke
Stink Bomb Rogue Kit Maneuver GeneralStink Bomb
Stinking Oils Rogue Kit Maneuver GeneralStinking Oils
Stonemason Upgrade GeneralStonemason
Stop Trophy Charm Maneuver GeneralStop
Stop Cut Physical Attack GeneralStop Cut
Storm's End Cantrip GeneralStorm's End
Strength Spellbook Spell GeneralStrength
Strength Domain Feature ClericStrength Domain
Strength Surge Orison GeneralStrength Surge
Strike of Sacred Strength Physical Attack ClericStrike of Sacred Strength
String Bolos Rogue Kit Maneuver GeneralString Bolos
Strong Back Defensive FreeholderStrong Back
Stun Spellbook Spell GeneralStun
Stunning Critical Reactive GeneralStunning Critical
Sudden Rip Holdout Weapon Maneuver GeneralSudden Rip
Sun Domain Feature ClericSun Domain
Sunburst Spellbook Spell GeneralSunburst
Sunder Physical Attack GeneralSunder
Superior Dispel Magic Spellbook Spell GeneralSuperior Dispel Magic
Superior Dispel Sorcery Holy Symbol Spell GeneralSuperior Dispel Sorcery
Superior Token of Haste Consumable General 
Superior Token of Invulnerability Consumable General 
Superior Token of Might Consumable General 
Superior Token of Regeneration Consumable General 
Superior Token of Renewal Consumable General 
Suppressing Field Cantrip GeneralSuppressing Field
Survival Upgrade GeneralSurvival
Swashbuckler Armor Feat RogueSwashbuckler
Sweep Physical Attack GeneralSweep
Swing Physical Attack GeneralSwing
Sword of the Light Physical Attack ClericSword of the Light
Symbol of Death Holy Symbol Spell GeneralSymbol of Death
Symbol of Fear Holy Symbol Spell GeneralSymbol of Fear
Symbol of Pain Holy Symbol Spell GeneralSymbol of Pain
Symbol of Sleep Holy Symbol Spell GeneralSymbol of Sleep
Symbol of Stunning Holy Symbol Spell GeneralSymbol of Stunning
Tactful Nail Holdout Weapon Maneuver GeneralTactful Nail
Tailor Upgrade GeneralTailor
Tanner Upgrade GeneralTanner
Telekinetic Fist Cantrip GeneralTelekinetic Fist
Tevis's Tenacity Trophy Charm Maneuver GeneralTevis's Tenacity
The First's Follower Physical Attack ClericThe First's Follower
Thousand Cuts Physical Attack GeneralThousand Cuts
Thrown Stink Bomb Rogue Kit Maneuver GeneralThrown Stink Bomb
Thrust Physical Attack GeneralThrust
Thump Physical Attack GeneralThump
Thundering Ray Cantrip WizardSonic Mastery
Thundering Torrent Cantrip WizardSonic Mastery
Thunderspike Physical Attack ClericThunderspike
Thwack Physical Attack GeneralThwack
Thwarting Battery Holdout Weapon Maneuver GeneralThwarting Battery
Tiring Critical Reactive GeneralTiring Critical
Toolkit Implement Proficiency Proficiency Feat GeneralToolkit Implement Proficiency
Torporous Rune Cantrip GeneralTorporous Rune
Touch of Darkness Orison GeneralTouch of Darkness
Toughness Defensive GeneralToughness
Toxic Cloud Spellbook Spell GeneralToxic Cloud
Trainee Armor Feat GeneralBasic Attacks
Transfix Physical Attack GeneralTransfix
Transmuter Feature WizardTransmuter
Trap Utility RogueTrap
Trap Sense Defensive RogueTrap Sense
Travel Domain Feature ClericTravel Domain
Trickery Domain Feature ClericTrickery Domain
Trickster's Bow Holdout Weapon Maneuver GeneralTrickster's Bow
Trip Utility GeneralTrip
Trophy Charm Implement Proficiency Proficiency Feat GeneralTrophy Charm Implement Proficiency
Trouble Trophy Charm Maneuver GeneralTrouble
True Strike Utility WizardTrue Strike
Tumble Utility RogueTumble
Twisted Space Cantrip GeneralTwisted Space
Two-Handed Melee Specialization Feature FighterTwo-Handed Melee Specialization
Unbreakable Armor Feat FighterUnbreakable
Understrike Physical Attack GeneralUnderstrike
Unexpected Greetings Holdout Weapon Maneuver GeneralUnexpected Greetings
Unpredicatable Maul Holdout Weapon Maneuver GeneralUnpredicatable Maul
Unseen Puncture Holdout Weapon Maneuver GeneralUnseen Puncture
Unshakeable Blade Physical Attack ClericUnshakeable Blade
Vengeful Storm Holy Symbol Spell GeneralVengeful Storm
Virtue Orison GeneralVirtue
Virtue (Charging) Orison GeneralVirtue
Virulent Edge Physical Attack ClericVirulent Edge
Waking Dream Cantrip GeneralWaking Dream
War Willing Feature ExpertWar Willing
Ward of Valor Physical Attack ClericWard of Valor
Ward of Withdrawn Favor Physical Attack ClericWard of Withdrawn Favor
Water Domain Feature ClericWater Domain
Waterfront Demand Holdout Weapon Maneuver GeneralWaterfront Demand
Weakening Ray Cantrip GeneralWeakening Ray
Weaponsmith Upgrade GeneralWeaponsmith
Weather Domain Feature ClericWeather Domain
Weaver Upgrade GeneralWeaver
Web Spellbook Spell GeneralWeb
Whirlwind Physical Attack GeneralWhirlwind
Willpower Bonus Upgrade GeneralWillpower Bonus
Wilting Surge Cantrip GeneralWilting Surge
Windblade Physical Attack ClericWindblade
Windrider Cantrip GeneralWindrider
Wind-Up Physical Attack GeneralWind-Up
Winter's Caress Cantrip GeneralWinter's Caress
Wire Bolos Rogue Kit Maneuver GeneralWire Bolos
Wither Spellbook Spell GeneralWither
Wolverine Feature RogueWolverine
Wraith's Cry Cantrip GeneralWraith's Cry
Wrath Guard Physical Attack GeneralWrath Guard
Wrathful Strike Physical Attack GeneralWrathful Strike
Wright Armor Feat ExpertWright
Wyrmling Breath Cantrip GeneralWyrmling Breath